Confident Knitting: Excellent Blocking

By Ann Shayne
April 5, 2021

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  • Than you for very detail video on how to block a cowl. I also enjoyed the video of Judi Dench and trees.

  • If only a dip in the pool would be as enhancing to one’s body as the 20 minute soak was to that lace cowl!

    • Oh how this made me laugh! I would soak myself for at least 40 minutes just to be sure….

  • Clever!

  • Thank you for this! The coffee pot tower is inventive. 🙂 I did wonder if the towel over the blocking mats was necessary. I find that my knits dry faster without one. But perhaps speed is not the goal here.

    • The blocking mats were a very bright shade of orange so it was more of an aesthetic choice on this occasion!

  • Where can you see the rest of the projects?

    • Only two of the designs are released so far, and you can see them both on the product page in our online shop. If you click the link above in the article where it says “How to get in on Confident Knitting” it will take you there. The remaining patterns will be released monthly through September. I hope that helps! ☺️

  • Mmmmm . . . Juicy!