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What’s the secret of even stranded colorwork? The floats.

Teacher extraordinaire Jen Arnall-Culliford demonstrates tips and techniques of colorwork stranding. The Arnall-Culliford Knitwear Confident Knitting series pairs knit-it-now patterns with video tutorials to grow your skills and increase knitterly joy—and we’re delighted to share Jen’s lessons and the work of the splendid designers she’s gathered together.

Fabulous, functional floats

Floats that are just the right tension can be made stranding and catching floats with both hands:

or by holding both yarns in the right hand:

Along the way, Jen shares advice and tips for determining how often to catch floats depending on the yarn you’re using and the type of garment you’re making. There’s a lot of experience and insight packed into each tutorial.

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The Design of the Month?

It’s Variance Hat by Shetland knitwear designer Janette Budge.

The traditional Shetland star motif positively glows!

Tutorial Photography by Jesse Wild.
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  • So helpful!!

  • I knit fairisle with both yarns in my left hand. Will you be posting a video on how to catch long floats for people like me?

  • I also use both yarns in my left hand. I would love a video showing how to catch floats evenly.

    • I’m a Fair Isle lefties, too. Seems incomplete to leave us out of this subject.

  • Brilliant! Another tool in my knitting kitbag!

  • So helpful…..any tips for stranded knitting flat…the purling can be challenging…the tension is the issue….deb

  • Thanks! I was trying to remember this last week while bringing some yarn up at the BOR on a multi-colored cowl.

  • white yarn against white background is hard to see.

    • Any tutorials for catching floats when you use the Continental technique?

  • Great tutorial. Do you have a tutorial on how to do stranded colour holding both yarns in your LEFT hand?

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