Confident Knitting: Float Catching

By Ann Shayne
May 3, 2021

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  • So helpful!!

  • I knit fairisle with both yarns in my left hand. Will you be posting a video on how to catch long floats for people like me?

  • I also use both yarns in my left hand. I would love a video showing how to catch floats evenly.

    • I’m a Fair Isle lefties, too. Seems incomplete to leave us out of this subject.

  • Brilliant! Another tool in my knitting kitbag!

  • So helpful…..any tips for stranded knitting flat…the purling can be challenging…the tension is the issue….deb

  • Thanks! I was trying to remember this last week while bringing some yarn up at the BOR on a multi-colored cowl.

  • white yarn against white background is hard to see.

    • Any tutorials for catching floats when you use the Continental technique?

  • Great tutorial. Do you have a tutorial on how to do stranded colour holding both yarns in your LEFT hand?