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  • Another jewel…as always!

  • I love Lily’s money ideas! I was just talking with a friend a few days ago about how difficult US paper money is for the visually impaired because all the bills look the same (not to mention it’s boring…).

  • I would really love a copy of Skill Set for my husband – but an extra $10 for postage to Canada? Where is the electronic version?

    • Hi Rachel! Please stay tuned for news!

    • The app is live. You won’t be disappointed.

      • I get a message that the link is not live. Any suggestions?

    • Also, Canadian shops are carrying Skill Set (and if they’re not, they can get it from our Canadian distributor, Julie Asselin).

  • The covers of your pattern books are very distinctive. They are neither frilly nor flat. Best of all, I love the size of the books.

  • I love how these two books complement each other! I also love how Skill Set teaches the simple basics of knitting without being overwhelming. To me, this is pure genius! It makes me realize my past mistake in teaching a potential new knitter; I gave too much information. Less certainly is more.

  • Although I took my first knitting class in 1983 and learned the EZ way, I am going to order this book because there is always something I can learn when taught from a different perspective