Certified organic merino wool. Four words that make Karida Collins's Neighborhood Fiber Co. yarns truly special.

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  • I love the sample colour! The moment I saw that pullover I thought it was just gorgeous

  • Hi what is this project and how do you learn this and what does it look like? Thanks

  • Love the sweater!! Would like to knit it very soon

    • Lakeland seems like a happy color for you!

  • How can I get the pattern for this sweater?

    • It’s in Field Guide No. 18, the newest Field Guide.

    • Please send me the pattern

      • It is in MDK’s new Field Guide No. 18. You can purchase it in book form via MDK or many yarn shops; you can buy a download via Ravelry by clicking one of the links in this post – either the one for the field guide or the one for the sweater. You can’t buy the sweater pattern alone.

      • Liz, you can buy this pattern by itself thru Ravelry. Here is the link. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/debut-pullover. Good luck

  • I think Canton would really pop on you.

  • I would choose Washington Circle every time. But if I couldn’t have blue I would definitely choose Charles Village. Perfect for every Christmas shindig!

  • I’m loving Cedonia! I think you’d look great in Canton!

    • Agree. canton would be very nice

  • Consider using Kitchener Stitch to close the underarms for a truly seamless sweater.

  • This pattern is crying out to be made in Charles Village and Belair. I believe you need both.

  • Bolton Hill would be a nice change from your usual greens, blues, and grays. On the other hand, Kermit (and his contributions of loose hair) would really stand out if you used Belair.

  • Not trying to be negative, but let’s get real here, but how many of us large people can actually afford to pay $222 (that’s 8 balls plus CDN tax PLUS the exchange rate PLUS shipping.

    • I totally agree and I’m in the States, so I wouldn’t have all those extra costs. I couldn’t pay $32 for a pair of gloves or $64 for a hat, either. There needs to be less expensive alternatives for knitters without huge bank accounts.

  • Totally out of my comfort zone, but Oliver really appeals to me! Blues, are usually my first choice.

  • Go for Oliver! All the patterns in this field guide are beautiful, doable and wearable, the yarn divine. I have enough Neighborhood fiber co in my stash to actually do this sweater, very happy about that.

  • I vote for Oliver!

  • Canton or Lakeland would be lovely.

  • I vote for canton

  • I’m not a novice knitter but I haven’t every knit a sweater, in the round or otherwise. Is this easy ish? I hate to spend all the money on good yarn, and potentially waste it, if I can’t do this. Help 🙂