How an Easy Knit Can Make Your Day

By Ann Shayne
June 8, 2021

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  • Those mitts are very cool! And as icing, I’m thinking of some contrasting icord around the top and bottom..l

    • Love that idea!

  • I have face coverings to match all my outfits. I’m going to love knitting simple mitts to coordinate with, too.

  • Hi all – just bought FG #18 and can’t wait to start the MiITTS (ohhh those mitts!!!) and the zigzag striped hat. Question for Ann or Kerida – I looked at the pattern for the zigzag stripes and it doesn’t mention anything about a jogless jog or show a picture of where the EOROUNDS meet so I assume they are just offset one row as you knit up. Ever since I saw the article on MDK by Patti Lyons on May 10th about her new method of doing a jogless jog I’ve been dying to try it.
    Has anyone already used it in a project and going to try it on this hat? I’ve not been knitting for several years due to being a full-time caretaker, and am finally in a good enough space to jump back into knitting. I know this FG is meant to be fairly easy patterns for beginners – or those who want some quick and easy patterns to relax with and/or start their gift knitting. But – I also see how Anne and Kay change things up when they knit their own copy of the patterns (as do we all) so hoping it’s okay to ask if anyone else wants to try Patti’s invention/un-vention and share results?

  • Over many years of knitting, it’s my way to relax and center myself when life is overwhelming. My mother thinks that it’s the biggest waste of time and money and I can’t knit in her presence which I find bizarre at best. I learned to knit when I was 30 years old and I took a class that changed my life because at 68 I still knit daily