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  • Thanks for this. I have used semi-solids so much that when I knit with a commercial yarn it looks so flat and even dull. Love the depths of the semis, but I do appreciate knowing how to either minimize the variety or bring it forward, depending.

  • I’m not sure if I should thank you or not for bringing me the memory of the Mr. Softee soft-serve ice cream truck and that earworm of a tune it played!

  • Semisolid yarn is my favorite too – it has more depth and interest than solid but is more versatile for me than variegated yarn.

  • I see someone else remembered Mr. Softee ice cream truck that not only had soft serve ice cream but did dip cones!

  • The semi-solid yarns really are in their element when you use a textured stitch. Anything Gansey-ish looks even better than usual with these yarns. Lots of richness added to the overall affect.

  • You should have more faith in your friends, Jillian. 🙂 I’m the third one so far who remembers Mr. Softee.
    And regarding semi-solids: I have really come to love them and will almost always choose a semi-solid over a pure solid. Your description of them as “like dappled light through trees” is perfect! I really enjoyed your article and didn’t realize what effect gauge has on the appearance of semi-solids, so thank you for that!

    • Lynda, I think it was pure jealousy !

  • I’m assuming I’m semi-blind because while I notice when it’s pointed out to me, I’m not sure I care if a yarn is solid or semisolid… I certainly don’t take it into consideration when I’m knitting. However, I tend to buy hand-dyed yarns and also a lot of variegated, so perhaps my level of tolerance is higher.

    As for the ice cream, I can totally relate to that first bite of the Good Humor Chocolate Candy Crunch–a favorite of my childhood!