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  • I once read an article on supposedly easy adjustments to sleeve caps, in which it turned out one needed a working knowledge of calculus! But your little table makes perfect sense. Sometimes I’m willing to change things up a lot, but usually I’m at the add a stripe, change the cuffs level.

    • Thank you for the valuable advice. A table like this would be handy for a lot of life’s decisions.

  • Kate your articles always help me see the world a little differently, and I love that.
    I love the charts and agree with your difficulty levels but I will say- if you really want to understand how a pattern works, changing the gauge is a great way to see how all the different elements interact. It’s not easy, but doing this significantly upped my sweater-knitting game. Except for set-in sleeve caps, I feel competent in altering a pattern however I might want to. I like the freedom it gives me, even if 99% of the time I work to get gauge instead of altering it. Because altering is a pain, but an empowering and instructive kind of pain.
    Like the commenter above, I would love this kind of chart for other things in life. It’s brilliant.