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  • I ALWAYS learn something from Kate! It never occurred to me to increase/decrease in the middle of the group of stitches when knitting flat!! Of course (forehead slap here)!!! Thank you!

  • I echo Linda’s comment, head slap. It judt never occurred to me snd I’m grest at math. Shaking my head, LOL

  • Decreasing evenly across a row will plague me no more. Thank you for the clear, concise instructions.

  • I am 64 but wonder if I can attend a math class for 3rd graders? Math seems so essential in knitting I’ve learned and my skills are long forgotten.

    • I wonder what third grade math looks like now. Would it look like the third grade math we knew. I’m 72.

    • I’m 68 now and I don’t remember learning algebra in third grade math (long division, maybe) but that is what my granddaughter is learning now. I am her “adult” for her long distance schooling, so we are learning together.

  • I use the app KnitEvenly.

  • Another head slap. Thank you, Kate!

  • Kate, this is so clear and yes, another head slap. Thank you!

  • Yet another headslap needed – thank you!!

  • Where are the pictures in your demonstrations.

  • As always, Kate’s solutions are brilliant and yet so simple I feel they’ve been waving at me to try to get my attention for decades. Thank you!

  • Not only did I read this marvelous article, this time I actually was able to SAVE IT to my account the first time I tried! Thanks for the new instructions; they are great.

  • I’m actually math-phobic! But, very early on in my knitting career, I was taught the division method of figuring out increasing/decreasing. The BIG tip for me is increasing in the middle on the flat! I’m 70 and I believe you’re never too old to learn something new!

  • This was awesome as well as timely!! I just came to a section asking me to decrease 7 stitches evenly across 247!! I got it and I definitely saved this for the next time. Many thanks. Love these tips.

  • I’m so glad you did this. I think too many teachers send people to knitting apps, which to me leaves too much mystery for such a simple calculation. When I knit sweaters I like the power to make changes. I hope you do many more of these!