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  • I recently purchased Helix to knit the Tumbling Blocks lace scarf in Master Guide: Open by Jeanette Sloan. It’s only 26 rows of lace! I love the drape of the yarn.

    • Yay! Tumbling Blocks is such a cool lace pattern.

  • I bet this would make a lovely Sequences scarf!

    • Oh wow yes—I’d use a light color so that the stitch patterns would shine. Dark colors aren’t great for sequence knitting. And I’d hold the yarn doubled for good drape.

      • I double-vouch for using a very pale color for the Sequence Shawl. Some of the patterns are very subtle, indeed. This has been Good Fun to knit because just when you start getting sick and tired of one pattern it ends, and a different one is mysteriously emerging from your needles.

  • Quick question: is the Winterfell color of Helix a dark blue or black? So dark, it’s hard to tell on my monitor.

    • It’s a deep midnight blue aka my favorite.

  • Doubled changes the game. Too bad I just started a Keynote Pullover in deep stash. It would be perfect!

  • Sounds like a fantastic marling opportunity, 4-6 colors, 10-21 combinations (I looked it up in Making Marls)