New from Freia: More Minikins

By Kay Gardiner
November 11, 2020

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  • This is pure magic!

  • Witchcraft I tell you!! This is witchcraft!!! And I want it.

  • Whoa. This is dangerous….

  • I am amazed by those of you who can tackle – and complete – big projects! Even on smaller, one-skein projects with fingering weight yarn, I often run out of interest prior to running out of yarn, at which point I rely on my own version of fortitude in order to finish.
    For anyone with a shorter attention span like mine, I offer this enjoyable project, Susan Barstein’s Mitered Obsession, which I knit a year ago with the Freia Minikins in the neutral colorway: (Purchased at MDK of course)
    I also knit my first “Mitered Obsession” using Freia yarn – it is beautiful and a very gratifying knitting experience!
    Thank you for your daily posts and knitting inspiration – so much variety, so much to love!

  • I’m using my minikins (neutral zone) as the flowers in the Pressed Flowers shawl mosaic pattern done as a big rectangle shape. Only halfway through the first one but it looks awesome! And now I’m thinking of the same pattern with a Bomb as the background…Those Freia yarns are so beautiful to knit with – visually and just the feel of them in your hands.

    • Picture please.

    • Martha – Will you share your mods in a Ravelry post? This is a great idea – using the minikins in this way, and I would prefer a rectangle rather than triangle shape!

      • I don’t post on Ravelry much (ie never) but I’ll put something in the MDK forums. Dog walk first though!

    • I would love to see your shawl. I’ve been eyeing the Pressed Flower shawl, but wasn’t sure yarn-wise where I wanted to go with it.

    • Would love to see this!!

  • I love your oyster background idea. So many possibilities!

  • Love love love this!

  • I would love to know what size needle and the finished size of this Picket Fence, especially as I jumped in and ordered the identical yarnsshe used.

  • While I love MDK and it’s entire knitting community, I am beginning to feel like this is too rich for my blood. My father always told me “You get what you pay for”. And this is true, the items in the MDK shop are all top quality. From the new bags showcased the other day, to the yarns mentioned today. However, one must possess the means to purchase such high quality. It appears there seems to be a lot available in the shop that is out of my reach.

  • I got the set of minikins last year and my the Parallelogram scarf with it is so beautiful! I may but them on my list again this year and make the blanket!

  • You’re killing me! When I saw that new bunch of minikins and the picket fence blanket, I thought hmmm… oyster would be pretty. I do not need another project! But please, show us pictures as you knit this. I am also curious about what size needle you’re using and how big a completed square is.
    Meanwhile, I bought some fabric to make a picket fence quilt.

  • I have been knitting the picket fences blanket for the last month as a gift for my niece. Earlier this year her husband, Eric, died of brain cancer. He was 36 and left her and their 4 year old twin boys. It is difficult to describe the devastation of this loss. The picket fences pattern reminds me of a stylized “E” and so I am making it for her so that she can wrap herself in Eric, warm and soft. I have always found knitting something for someone else to be very soothing and healing. When my husband and I were first together we were often separated for long periods. I would knit for him as a way of muting the pain of our separation – it always made me feel better. Thank you for your enthusiasm for picket fences – I am enjoying the knitting and looking forward to the finished product.