Trellis Top: I-Cord Party Time

By Kay Gardiner
June 18, 2020

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  • As Miranda Hart might say: “Such fun!”

    • I love buttonholes made with an I-Cord. They are pretty easy, if I can do it, yet look so difficult and impressive:)

      • I have a question, I’m starting The lattice panels and on row 8 where it says k3 then the crosses, do you do the k3 on the first lattice panel only or on each individual panel? Or not at all? I’m pretty sure I’m doing it wrong …

    • SUCH FUN!

  • Did I miss the video on the twisted-stitch textured section of this Trellis pattern? I think I am going to need all the help that I can get. I am one of those knitters mostly comfortable with stockinette but fell in love with the Trellis Top. I am hanging on to your every word on this, Kay:).

    • I put the video up top. Carol teaches the twisted stitches (left and right) in her video for the Twining Wrap.

      The instruction for the twisted stitches starts around minute 3 of the video. Neat and easy!

  • Just mailed off a lovely Ravi Nua Jr. (which y’all suggested here, thanks!). Loved the yarn (in colorway unexpected macaw), the construction and the applied icord that also became buttonholes.
    Once the sweater has safely winged its way to the recipients in Brooklyn (tragic aside: I mailed wee knitted goods in March that are apparently lost or were misdelivered), I will be sure to post pics on Instagram.

  • I just finished reading Unorthodox. What a story.

    • I’m told the book is much better than the Netflix series but the Netflix series is quite good. The actors were all new to me which somehow made the story even more compelling.

  • Finished a TrellisTop for my granddaughter last week. Love this pattern! Need to make one for me, someday.

    • I may have under-shot the size of mine, and if so, I have a daughter and a niece and one of them might be getting a foxy new sweater.

  • Oh my goodness~ I think it’s beautiful even before blocking! I love the stitch definition.

    • When you see the yarn in the skein you don’t expect the stitch definition. It’s a wonderful surprise.

  • I’m envisioning a live stream of the i-cord, with the play-by-play called by Andrew Cotter.

    • That would be delightful!

  • I first met i-cord buttonholes in the Carbeth cardigan, by Kate Davies. A game-changer, which I have used since in another cardigan with an i-cord edge finish (but no buttonholes), because, really, what is the use of a warm sweater that doesn’t close over your chilly chest?

  • Such Joy here. Who would have thought knitting simply things could bring such excitement and joy. Cheers

  • Perfect timing! I’ve just finished the knitting and have procrastinated for three days over the I-cord. The video really helped me get over my fears! So, it’s onward! Thank you!

  • I’m at the same place as you are but need to come back to it. I’m multitasking and participating in Carol’s Guggen KAL Looking forward to the Icord edging. This is a fun knit. Markers are the key to keeping your sanity.

  • Kay, I’m way behind you on the Trellis Top (but nearly at the finish line for oh, so many other knitting projects!) I do recall seeing a comment ages ago that one might consider putting the buttons (and thus the buttonholes) on the opposite sides from what the pattern says because they behave better. A thought for the future…

    • I’m thinking of doing Elizabeth Zimmermann’s baby cardigan trick of putting buttonholes on both sides! Then I can make it work no matter what. I haven’t chosen my buttons yet and I want to do the i-cord, so……living on the edge as usual.

  • Has anyone thought about using a different color for the I cord than what was used for the garment itself? Just curious as it could be quite interesting along using different buttons.

  • “I prefer to do my knitting while watching TV, slouching, on autopilot”. That pretty much sums it up for me most of the time. Usually on any day that involves that 4-letter word w-o-r-k.

  • I’m working my way around the I-cord to finish the neck & thinking of the huge chore of picking up stitches all the way around for that final I-cord. Why does it have to be 2 separate steps & 2 very full circular needles? I have finished off baby blankets with I-cord that I picked up as I went around – “knit 2 stitches, SSK, pick up stitch along edge of blanket, slip to right needle” Repeat around.
    Is there a reason this wouldn’t work for the Trellis Top?
    What am I missing?