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It’s time to open the windows and welcome Carol Feller’s beautiful designs.

MDK Field Guide No. 14: Refresh is here.

We have been looking forward to this day for many months. It feels like ages since we first talked with Carol about her ideas for this collection. Now, we finally get the chance to share her vision with you. We’re looking forward to exploring these designs with you, knitting our hearts out, and generally finding comfort in being with you.

Carol will be joining us for a series of video tutorials to accompany these designs. A teacher with worlds of experience, she will lead us through the details of the four projects here.

Let’s have a look at what’s inside MDK Field Guide No. 14: Refresh. The pattern names below link to each pattern’s Ravelry page, so you can learn more about each project.

The Patterns

You will discover beautiful design all the way through this Field Guide. This is a gorgeous display of Carol Feller’s agile way with stitch patterns, cables, and structure.

Transom Cardigan

Carol’s training as an engineer shines in this cardigan.

The fun of exploring clever construction is what this design is all about. The saddle shoulders, the shape of the garment—it all converges in a forever piece that combines classic and modern. And Carol’s training as a textile artist means that the fabric we’re making is a perfect weight, just gorgeous.

Twining Wrap

There’s a reason knitters love to knit shawls and wraps: it’s knitting at its most painterly.

No need to think about size or fit, and with today’s knitters more clever than ever, a great shawl design allows for expanding skills. Here, Carol mixes cables, knit/purl patterns, and a triangle shape in a lush snuggler.

Trellis Top

When we began to plan this Field Guide with Carol, our conversation included talk of a poncho.

But Carol’s imagination took her far afield from the familiar drapey extravaganza, to this neat, versatile layer. We love it. It has the same easy feel of a poncho, but the buttons down the sides mean you can wear it as you like.

Arcade Cap

A beanie for a cool day.

The lighter yarn makes this a winner for a windy day, or maybe a day when you’re craving a cover. This is a fast, clever knit.

What Is That Yarn?

It’s Nua Sport, a yarn that Carol designed herself. Merino, yak, and linen. We have become huge fans of this yarn already. It is rare to find a designer who works with yarn of her own design, so we were delighted to bring in Nua Sport to the MDK Shop. You can read all about it right here.

Knitalong Coming May 1!

We look forward to the days ahead—Carol has given us a batch of designs that will give us so much to play around with. Please join us in the knitalong—news to follow on that.

Thank you as ever for coming along with us on this adventure. It’s going to be a refreshing respite for us all.


We’ve got two more Field Guides lined up for 2020. Become a Charter Subscriber to receive MDK Field Guide No. 14: Refresh now, Field Guide No. 15 in August, and Field Guide No. 16 in October.


  • I have to thank you – your notes, content and publications are fun, fresh and inspiring. And during this days of seeing terror around us it’s no mean feat.

    • Hear hear!!:)

  • Yay! I’m off to your shop 😀

  • Could the transom cardigan be knitted in a cotton or cotton blend that gives gauge?

    • I’m going to say yes! I want to see how it comes out but I see no reason why not.

  • I just bought the ebook. How can I get that into my Ravelry library?

  • A KAL! So I have my book and the Nua sport for Transom. Picking the color was really tough as there are so many luscious choices. I am churning through my quarantine blanket so I can be ready.

  • Is there charter subscription really”out of stock”? That’s the message I got.

    Beside patterns. I want to make sure of them.

    • Back on track, Nicole–thanks for your interest and patience. We blew a drive belt or something in there.

      • Yay!! Just purchased. Gives my a reason to finish up my current project quickly.

    • Hi Nicole, it will be back up soon. Our web person is under the hood doing some maintenance on that listing.

  • Congratulations on another bedazzling and inspiring Field Guide! Thanks so much for all the work you and your team do to offer us distraction, comfort, beauty, nourishment–and the occasional belly laugh, of course. Take good care of yourselves.

  • Lovely job ladies. The Trellis Top is first on my list. Can’t wait to get my copy in maybe today’s mail.

  • The Transom Cardigan! The hat! Oh my….

  • Love the new field guide patterns…deb

  • I received my field guide earlier this week and have already completed the hat. I am sure I will make more. Oh, yes the yarn is wonderful too.

    • So good to hear! I’m casting on the hat this weekend for my first run with Nua.

  • I tried to order the 2020 subscription. I couldn’t get the order processed??

  • When should charter subscribers receive their books?

  • Hi, friends! I am a charter subscriber, living in Oregon – any idea when my new Guide is likely to arrive? Can’t wait to knit that hat!

  • Another wonderful Field Guide!
    Love, love, love this yarn. It has a silky feel and the colors and fabulous. Knits up into a wonderful fabric.

  • Defense want to knit arcade hat

  • I’m new to KALs on MDK. Is the KAL always the sweater? I want to have enough time to get the right amount of Nua yarn for whichever one is chosen.

    • Hi Cheryl!
      We’ll be doing a knitalong for any of the four projects in Field Guide No. 14, so choose whatever looks like fun for you.
      So glad you can join in!

  • Hope this finds everyone well and in good spirits! I have a question on the Trellis Top in Refresh….is it knit holding two strands of yarn throughout? Colors listed are Chalk and Plum. Thanks! Deneise in San Antonio TX

  • Oh I gave myself quite a laugh! No it isn’t knit with two strands! Chalk and Plum is a color! Deneise in San Antonio Laughter is good!

  • could someone please explain to me what a field guide is? I don’t usually buy things when I can’t figure out what it is. Cute names, but calling something Wanderlust or Joy does not provide enough info to motivate me to pay for it.

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