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I’m looking forward to some MDK Field Guide No. 14: Refresh show and tell soon. My Twining Wrap grows daily in length, width, and beauty. I hear Kay has hit her Trellis Top groove after a bit of off-road swatching. And entering its third week, Refreshalong is in full, glorious swing.

Our Social Media Maven Cristina Shiffman was all set to join in the fun knitting a Transom Cardigan . . . and then occupational hazard struck in the form of an Instagram post of Carol’s latest design. Brace yourself: Cristina has taken her stash of Nua Sport in Bare Necessities and thrown her lot in with the knitters of Carol’s Guggen KAL.

Guggen was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum in NYc.

Look at all that gorgeous garter stitch. Can you blame her? I can’t. And I can’t resist a little pattern parade of more of Carol’s designs for Nua Sport, so here goes.


I can’t pronounce it, but I love it. Raglans for the win. And the stitch pattern seems like perfect air conditioning.

did someone say “integrated Button band”?


A cleverly constructed, snappy tee.

The striped triangle forms the foundation of this short-row wonder.

Brooklands Shawl

Alternating garter stitch and openwork stripes demonstrate Carol’s modern take on lace.

Worked in two directions for maximum wingspan.

Bubble Dash Shawl

Tassels, stripes, and slip-stitch motifs for maximum hip.

Here you go, kay, a little Ballband-esque action for you.

Ravi Junior

Littlest but not least is this sweet cardi. (Make sure you check out Ravi too.)

If you can take your eyes off the baby, That’s Carol’s Dangle Shawl she’s resting on.

Our resident yarn detective Jillian Moreno said it best: Nua Sport is simply “sublime” and perfect for texture, lace, cables—everything.

I want to knit it all.

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  • I love the San Remo tee, but cap sleeves are a no fly zone for me.Is it difficult to lengthen the sleeve to the elbow? Does anyone have advice as to extra yarn needed?
    Many thanks!

    • Carol Feller would be happy to help with that. She has a site called Stolen Stitches if you want to get in touch. I’ve contacted her with questions and she’s always been helpful.

      • Thanks Betty! I’ll do that!~

  • Love the patterns…Plan to make one of her cardigan sweaters soon..Deb

  • I love this yarn. Might have to make something else when I finish my trellis sweater.

  • Oh my gosh YES. I love those shawls. And the tee. And the cardis! I’m a little nervous about buttons, but that pattern might overcome my objections!

  • Is there a way to save this article to our MDK accounts? I’d really like to bookmark it for the future!

  • I want to knit most of them, but the construction of the Guggen is genius. I am also particularly entranced by the Brooklands Shawl.

  • Spraoi is pronounced “spree.” It loosely means “fun”, I believe

    • As if I needed any more reason to knit it, but I love that!

  • I love the baby sweater. Is that pattern available?

    • Yes, if you tap the title in orange above it it will take you to ravelry where you can buy it:-)

  • The Brooklands Shawl is screaming my name. I love everything about it!

  • I just recently finished Sanremo. It was a fun, easy knit. Love the stay.

  • Oh, my! I need a Spraoi in my Dallas-weather life! That’s gotta happen, if once I can decide which one of my favorite colors to pick!
    Oh, who am I kidding – it will be Cerebellum. . .

    • ‘if once’? Long day. Pick whichever one suits you for that sentence, lol

  • I swatched for my Tabouli in Nua, and oh my goodness, this yarn is wonderful! It’s soft while knitting, but after blocking, it’s even better; even my husband commented on how nice and soft it is.

  • Could you give a gauge for the nua sport? I am thinking of a couple of patterns that call for worsted weight, wondering if nua sport would work?

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