Pattern Peeper: Spincycle’s Dyed in the Wool

By Kay Gardiner
May 15, 2020

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  • Can you please send me the pattern or kit for the fair isle pin cushion…. I can’t find it in the post anywhere… than you !

    • I think you are confused— there is no pin cushion pictured or described on this post.

      Click the colored text for each pattern name that *is* in this post to go to Ravelry or MDK’s store to purchase the pattern.

    • Go to Ravelry and type fair isle pin cushion in patterns. It will show you several choices including a miniature sweater.

  • Currently working on Undersong for my daughter with a combination of Spincycle’s Stay out of the Forest along with a dark teal fingering weight. It’s going to be gorgeous!
    P.S. I want to thank everyone who is making it possible for me to be making things of beauty during these uncertain times.

    • That sounds like a stunning combination!

  • Might I recommend Wend by Elizabeth Elliott? It uses Spincycle and a sport weight solid (I bet Nua would work beautifully) for a striped top. I’m knitting one now but in fingering weight and it is a perfect “I want something easy but not boring” project.

    • I love her work! Thanks for pointing out Wend, which I hadn’t seen!

    • Interesting… I will check out the Wend. I just used Sincere Sheep Cormo Worsted with 3 colors of Spincycle Dream State to make A Top Down Faroese Shawl by Cate Leonard. I went off road creating stripes in the shawl. It was part of an on line KAL with a group from My Sister Knits in Ft Collins, CO. The Dream State turned this simple knit into a compelling experience as I watched the colors come together. And, most of the Dream State was left over from my Throwback Sweater so I got to use up those beautiful leftover bits of yarn.

    • I’m a little confused on how many different colored skeins to use to make this sweater. The strips all look like solids.

      • Hi Francis,

        If you click on the link to Wend, it shows that 2 colors of Spincycle are used, one for the front and one for the back. The stripes look solid because they are thin stripes, so the color shift doesn’t often happen in a single stripe, but gradually as you knit through the stripes, if that makes any sense.

  • Spincycle is magic! I’m currently working on a sweater inspired by a dream I had during these crazy corona virus times.

  • Well I’m just gonna have to make that Shift pattern now aren’t I. Yup. Yup yup.

  • Oh my goodness – this makes me serious question my vow to knit ONLY from my stash this year. Trust me, I couldn’t knit all of it up if I tried. Hie thee hence, incredibly beautiful yarn!

  • I’d like to know if Spincycle Dyed in the Wool “The Family Jewels” color pictured is the same color you have in inventory, not a stock photo. I am all to familiar with their color ways and love what you have pictured. Are all 4 skeins in stock basically the same? I would take them all if so. Many thanks!

  • What worsted-weight yarn do you recommend for a Fair Isle sweater? I don’t want it to be too soft and pill-y but not scratchy as it is for a little boy. I love Malabrigo worsted yarn but it seems soft and potentially pill-y. Do you agree? If you do, recommend another brand.

  • Spincycle Robin’s Egg was the joy of my Stonecrop cardigan. Now I’m stuck on those combinations you put together for Guthrie – such rich colors.