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  • Okay. I’ve bought two patterns (Abeyance and the Woodland Loafers) and have just purchased yarn from the MDK shop to make them! I have a sweater I am working on but think smaller projects will make me happier right now.

    • The Woodland Loafers are fun! I discovered that pattern late last year. And am reminded that I have a single loafer awaiting its mate. Oops.
      I have been digging in to WIP — now is a good time to accomplish finishing things.

  • I normally knit very utilitarian socks so I thought I’ll just glance over these and move on. Not! They’re all too cute and beautiful and oh dear. How will I ever choose which ones to vote for and which ones to make??

  • Perfect timing. Here in the UK we have just been told to self-isolate for 12 weeks. I have just bought 2 of the patterns and plan to deplete my stash of sock yarn

    • TWELVE WEEKS? Yikes! I am on enforced telework until April 3 and was feeling put upon. This definitely puts that in perspective. Thank goodness we can knit!

      • I work at an eatery and they have closed 10 of the company ones with out drive thru. They asked me to go home and take a week off and of course I was willing. I have started socks and our group meets on Monday where I work. Drive thru service only by the weekend in Missouri, USA. Lots of fun for me to be home and tackle things and enjoy my yarn! Be well and be blessed!

    • Wow, 12 weeks! I am so glad to have knitting to help during this difficult time. Take care everyone.

      • Our knitting sends out good vibes to make this world a better place! And our lucky recipients sometimes acquire this seed of joy and then it grows!

  • A few comments from husband as he studies the bracket, “There’s no way those loafers aren’t going to win”. “I don’t understand short sleeved sweaters”.

    • Oh this made me laugh! He’s got a feel for these things!

  • This was the hardest part of the bracket for me. I’ve already figured out which 32 patterns I’m going to vote for on Friday … but man, it was hard narrowing the socks down to 8! (Probably not as hard as it was for you to narrow them down to 16, though. 🙂 )

  • Regarding the Woodland Loafers- would I need to hold the yarn double since the pattern calls for bulky and your yarn is Aran weight? Please advise

    • We think you can get gauge with the Winterburn Aran but whoa, holding yarns double would open up lots of possibilities!

  • I having a case of “startitis” right now. All the things.

    I am working from home till 4/30 per company directive. Books and knitting will be my saving graces.

    I hope everyone stays well.

    Vikki in Northern Virginia

  • So many wonderful patterns! A difficult choice, but fun to contemplate. I plan on taking advantage of some online museum tours and rockhounding with my sweetie besides having full needles during this current situation. We are still waiting to see if the train my husband works for is going to take a two week break soon or even postpone the opening of our tourist operating season, which is usually Memorial day . So, everyone please take good care of yourselves . Keep Calm and Knit On!

  • I just ordered the woodland loafer pattern. Awesome!

  • Oh what a delicious selection. Thank you. I have already got going on the Woodland Loafers and favourited about half the other patterns.

  • I love the loafers. They were already in my favourites when I just went to add them on ravelry.
    We’re on lockdown because my son has symptoms, but because I usually work from home anyway I don’t get any bonus knitting time.