Superscript Shawl: Headnotes and Footnotes

By Kay Gardiner
October 17, 2019

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  • Lovely! Beautiful details and color. Congratulations on almost completing it. FYI, I have a mountain of almost completed projects. 🙂

  • As soon as I saw all those ends waiting to get dealt with, I thought there must be some way to turn them into tidy tassels. They are in perfect position, it would be the icing on the cake!

  • It is fantastic! And I love the points you make about a shawl having some heft. Will you be wearing it to Rhinebeck this weekend? See you soon!

    • Yes! It’s all blocked and I’m tasseling as we speak!

  • What is the name of the beautiful blue and turquoise book? I can’t read the title but I’m so curious. Lovely photo!

    • I think it’s The Pillar from Lazy Sunday post.

      • It’s the same author (Stephen Gill) and a similar theme (photographs taken at night by a motion-sensing camera), titled Night Procession. Spooky, compelling, gorgeous. Ann is a collector now, I reckon.

        • The table was pre-styled with the book so I just scootched it over.

  • Stunning. Adore your second color combination as well. Wishing those colors looked good on me. They are just so perfect – and satisfying – together. Martha Wissing’s patterns caught my eye years ago. I love her tees. So glad to be reminded. Chloe

  • Your Superscript is stunning!! Can’t wait for the next KAL;) I’ve already started!

  • That looks lovely! I’m only just over 1/2 way knitting mine. I didn’t read the pattern carefully enough and was knitting the initial repeats as all of the rows, not just the last 6. It was only when you wrote the post about keeping track of the increases that I had an “oh s**t!” moment. So, I had to rip back what was becoming a comically long first section. (I was also running out of yarn!) I then managed to repeat the same mistake on the second section, but caught it a bit sooner. I guess that’s what happens when you’re knitting on the train at 6:45 am! I am hoping to get mine done by the end of the month, though I am contemplating skipping the crochet inlay because I like how the channels look as is.

  • Oh Kay – it is SO SO SO beautiful! I generally don’t understand why people make multi-colored projects (don’t they know you could do it in a lovely solid?!?), but this one has me convinced. I want to make the exact same version in the exact same colors as you.

  • I’ve just started winding my yarn! I’m really looking forward to this!

    • You are in for a grand time!