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Beginning today, we embark on a knitalong that is unlike any knitalong we have done.

Basically, it’s a knitalong that is already well under way.

It unofficially began in March, when MDK Field Guide No. 10: Downtown first arrived. We’ve been cranking away all month long. We’re properly into it.

But today is the official rope drop on a knitterly celebration of Isabell Kraemer’s delightfully wearable designs.

If you’re currently at work on your Isabell Kraemer project, guess what: you’re already in.

If you’re ready to embark now, we’re here to welcome you with a big hug and a festive beverage (virtual but delicious).

And if you’ve already completed a project, way to go! Bragging is encouraged.

What We’re Making

The options for the Great Isabell Knitalong are three designs from MDK Field Guide No. 10: Downtown. The yarns featured are by Jill Draper, the masterful hand dyer. (All yarns are welcome, of course. But we do love a Jill Draper color.)

The perfect pair: Jill Draper and Isabell Kraemer at Edinburgh Yarn Festival.
Petula Pullover

We’ve noticed a bunch of other knitters already cooking up their own versions. Have a look at the Petulas on Ravelry to get ideas for your own colorway.

Bottom Line Pullover

Here are the Bottom Line Pullovers already under way on Ravelry. It looks so different depending on the color you choose.

X-Factor Cowls

The quickest project in this Field Guide, the X-Factor Cowl is a great take-along project. Knitters posting their X-Factor Cowls on Ravelry are already rumored to be doing things like making the tie cord using a hand mixer. This is obviously unprecedented territory for us. Please stay tuned for the Clip ’n’ Save on that technique. We may end up with a meringue.

How to Join the Great Isabell Knitalong?

1. Set your plan. Choose a pattern, figure out your yarn, and jump in. Use your stash, or order up some Jill Draper yarns. All yarns welcome, as always.

2. Share your progress. We have a group forming over in the MDK Lounge, “The Great Isabell Knitalong.” This is where we can all share our progress, our questions, our hopes and dreams.

Get Your Fixings

You can get all your Great Isabell Knitalong fixings in our convenient one-stop pop-up shop. We can set you up with a fresh-baked Field Guide, the Jill Draper yarn of your choice, and notions up to and including the bag in which you will tote your project. (We are trying to be comprehensive.)

Prizes? Of Course There Are Prizes

We will be giving prizes to winners selected from knitters who post their Great Isabell Knitalong photos on Instagram at #MDKIsabellKAL, or in the MDK Lounge, or on Ravelry. Only knitters who use one of the patterns from MDK Field Guide No. 10 are eligible for prizes.


The Great Isabell Knitalong will officially conclude on Friday, May 24, when prizes are announced on MDK. As with every MDK knitalong, this is all about finding joy and fun in the company of knitters. We welcome everybody who loves the style of Isabell Kraemer and likes to share their progress with equally obsessed knitters. If this is your first sweater, even better—we’ll help you through.

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  • I enthusiastically join the KAL! I’ll be a bit late starting as I’m trying to finish one sweater and cast on another first, but I think I can do it!

  • Ohhh! I just finished spinning my yarn for my Bottom Up Pullover and would love to join this KAL!!

  • I don’t know, I think before I knit anything else I need to find a pattern so I can make myself a pink sheathe dress covered in kicky fringe! Too wild!

    • Me too!!!

    • Don’t forget the matching boots!

  • I got my head start on my Bottom Line Pullover in a Yarn Carnival blue I love! I made it just past the first openwork section and I’m optimistic that this will be my first sweater I actually finish!

  • I would have though that the next KAL would be of the winner of the March Madness. Not that your choice isn’t a lovely sweater, but will you be doing it next? Just curious.

  • I bought the Guide. I love the Petula. But sadly, I am just not a knitter who can handle two sweaters at the same time. Mailin is 90% done. Maybe I will at least be able to cast on the Petula before the KAL is over. Enjoy everyone!

  • But wait! The model with two X-factor cowls around her neck – what is that SWEATER she’s wearing?

    • Me, too! Me, too!

      • enthusiastically third this query

        • Y’all, that’s the thing–we want to know too! It came from the model’s own closet! Will let you know if we get further intel on it.

  • I’ve been working on my Bottom Line Pullover ever since I got my copy of Downtown and the Mohonk Light yarn. What a well-written pattern!

  • I’m in a warm weather knitting mood and love all of Isabel’s patterns. Last week, cast on an Edie and will be working on that as I follow what everyone else is doing here. I think a Bottom Line is definitely in my future.

  • I just finished A Girl’s Best Friend – about an hour ago! So, perhaps it is time to get another IK design on my needles- I love every one of them!

    • I loved making A Girl’s Best Friend–those teardrop thingies were a test of one’s fortitude, that’s for sure. Hope you jump in with us.

  • Is it possible to purchhase the X-Factor Cowl pattern on it’s own? I know it is in the Downtown book, but I don’t want the other two patterns.

  • Wow! Not only are the cowls awesome, but that white sweater below the cowls in the first picture is amazing. Can you share the pattern name? Is there one? Please?!

    • Yes!! I NEED that sweater pattern!! Please do try to find out for us all, Anne.

      • I mean, Ann (without the “e”)!

  • I have my yarn for the Petula. Hoping to swatch during the long bus ride to Six Flags tomorrow. (Chaperoning the Physics field trip)

  • I wish I wasn’t so susceptible to earworms, is all I’m sayin’ here.

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