Boost Your Knitting: Brioche!

By Ann Shayne
September 2, 2019

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  • Brioche is such fun, whether you use the yarn over or the knit 1 below technique, & not all that difficult once the penny drops. Hard not to love the warm squooshy fabric it produces.

  • I think people psych themselves out about brioche. I recently took a class because I’d heard it was hard, and instead found it very straightforward to just follow the instructions. Yet the majority of the class, most of whom had been knitting far longer than I had, were clearly struggling. It seemed like they had a hard time getting past their long-ingrained habits with knitting— so the issues were paying attention to when you turn the work vs. slide back, or doing regular yarnovers insteak of thinking of sl1yo as its own beast.

    That said, I appreciate that Boost Your Knitting did tuck stitches first. Make the Bramen cowl from March I think, and then brioche seems like a natural next step.

  • I’m currently obsessed with brioche! I’m almost at the “this isn’t brioche so I won’t knit it” stage….

  • I keep trying and trying. I have watched the video and gone step by step. I have watched Stephen West explain it and I keep making the same mistake every time. It just doesn’t look right. So I will try again tomorrow and I will succeed.

  • I haven’t yet tried Brioche but hope to soon. I love your videos and have learned so much, but I really do wish that you would use yarn that contrasts with the wood background. It was difficult to see the stitches on the brioche video.