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Well, this is good fun.

Just when we’ve got the hang of knitting across one row, Jen Arnall-Culliford takes us on a trip down below to create beautiful textures using dip stitches.

It’s a new month, and Boost Your Knitting is back with a new pattern and a new video tutorial, part of our favorite keep-on-learning program for the curious knitter.

The video tutorial up top will set you on a path where surprising things happen when you work a stitch below the typical row of live stitches.

The Design? Thea Colman Strikes Again!

As with all Boost Your Knitting techniques, there’s a clever pattern to provide the canvas for experimenting with the new technique.

Thea Colman is eternally curious about textures, and her Apple Swizzle Hat is one of those designs that make you go WHA? How’d she do that?

Dip stitches, friends. It’s all about the dip stitches.

How to Get in on Boost Your Knitting

Jen and Jim Arnall-Culliford have developed a way of learning new knitting skills that combines great designers, useful techniques, and beautiful yarns.

Boost Your Knitting features a new project and a new technique each month, for the coming year. When you join Boost Your Knitting, digital patterns are delivered, month by month, to your Ravelry library. You can read all the details about signing up for the Boost Your Knitting book and yarn kits right here.

The Summer yarn kits are especially tasty—they include all the lovely yarns needed to make the June, July, and August Boost Your Knitting projects, featuring Coop Knits, Fyberspates, and Jamieson & Smith. Be sure to have a look.

We are thrilled to feature each month’s project and video tutorial here on MDK—the videos are worth watching no matter what. But we hope you’ll sign up for the full Boost Your Knitting series, because we think you’ll really enjoy it.

And the conversation in the Arnall-Culliford Knitwear group on Ravelry is never ending and full of help.


  • It was valuable to actually see the technique demonstrated. Another great resource for this method along with patterns is Firmament- Stellar Stitches for your Next Adventure by Hunter Hammersen. One of her designs was featured in this year’s March Madness. Thank you.

  • Nothing like some new inspiration

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