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I love this video so much—a visit with two clever knitwear designers, Felicity Ford and Jen Arnall-Culliford. Grab a sock to finish and settle in for a half hour conversation with these wonderful women.

They’re exploring colorwork—playing with skeins and seeing what works.

Felicity, or Felix as she’s often called, creates joyful stranded colorwork designs. Her Stranded Colourwork Sourcebook is a classic guide, and in this video we get an introduction to her method of working with a lot of color.

I can’t recall the last time I saw colorwork swatches like the ones Felix waves around in this video. They combine light and dark, hue and value. They look impossible. But Felix’s message? They’re not!

This Boost Your Knitting video tutorial is great fun no matter where you are on your journey of playing with color.

Skystone Armwarmers

Fascinating to see what happens when you switch up the color choices.

Boost Your Knitting is a rich resource for new techniques and engaging designs.


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  • Pattern for that funnel neck pullover?

    • KwikSew, Tilly and the Buttons and Indygo Junction have good sewing patterns for funnel neck tunics. And lots of pattern hacks on Pinterest if you sew.

    • It’s not actually knitted, it’s a stretch jersey dress from Boden. 🙂

      • Being a ‘Boden’ (of no connection) we always enjoy wearing our ‘By Boden Appointment’ clothes

  • Sometimes I favorite a pattern just for the color way. Arm warmers Sample 1 is made in the shade for a certain someone. Thank you Jen!

  • I should read more carefully (It’s early!). Thank you, Felicity!

  • So good to hear towards the end that ‘squinting’ will reveal the light/dark contrast as you do when drawing or painting. Another option to using your phone. Such a genial conversation. It would be good to wander around the world to see what motivates colour choice in other cultural contexts.

    I also like the way that cost and availability is mentioned. Sometimes I use the fate of the odd ball reduction basket to guide my colour selection. Another kind of process. All such pleasure to muse over and watch.

  • Amazing, brilliant and the best thing I have learned in a long time. I also learned how to use my phone.

  • Hi there: I’ve tried to listen to this on this site and on YouTube but for some reason it doesn’t appear to be loading. I’m in Canada and sometimes we can’t see things from the US or UK but that’s never happened to me on this blog before. Of course, maybe the issue is on my side but I am able to listen to watch other videos on YouTube.

  • Holy cow this is helpful. Having a background-foreground framework to start with and then a way to edit will help a lot! I knew the business about the hue v value, but it’s so good to see you actually do it and edit. thanks!!

  • I loved this video- thank you. I’m keen to try stranded colour work and I was intimated by choosing colours so I cant wait to try this process.

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