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  • i am coincidentally starting a cabled sweater myself today — not a Norah Gaughan, but a Martin Storey. I never was any good at following instructions. so I’ll quietly bang along with you!

    • I have knit lacy scarves ( using Barbara Walker patterns ), lacy and patterned socks, simple cabled mittens but am scared ( literally ) of knitting a sweater! So many stitches! More chances to majorly mess up! I don’t mess up on small items( l won’t mention the Estonian Lily of the Valley scarf and a dropped 9 wrap nupp 15 rows below! Sigh… ). I cannot wrastle my fear to the ground, wrap yarn around it’s neck and stab it with my Chiagoos and even try!

  • I am also trying this sweater with Rowan Denim. First time knitting with this. Thanks for the info on shrinkage!

  • The time is here! I’ve never knit a sweater in the round so this is going to force me to swatch in the round and get out of my comfort zone. I took on a few test knits which I’m hoping I can crank out and start banging out a sweater! I’m actually wearing my Carbeth (second) today. Carbeth (first) was part of bang out a sweater last year, albeit a month late.

  • I wasn’t gonna participate, but what the heck. Knit on!

  • I am swatched and ready! I am also doing the Calligraphy Cardigan and toying with the 3/4 sleeve option. My yarn is Periwinkle Sheep in Copper Pipe, which I picked up Saturday at VKLNYC.

    • Ohhhh!! I can’t wait to see. (Sez Karin at The Periwinkle Sheep ;))

  • I am banging out a Revolution adjacent sweater. It’s the Christabel cardigan from Norah’s issue of PomPom magazine.

  • While I’m sure I want to knit one of these delightful cables sweaters someday, I’m going to play along this time by banging (I hope out) the Lars Rains Antipodal in Istex LettLopi I started last winter! Now that I just successfully completed my first sock in January, who’s to say I can’t finish my first sweater in Feruary? It could happen!

    • Dawn, I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing LarsRains at Greater Boston Knitting Guild. He is really talented.
      I think it should be said that Rowan denim, a beautiful yarn is now discontinued.
      Maybe next year I will bang out a sweater, too.

  • I started knitting this morning. I will also be knitting the Calligraphy Cardigan in dark Rowan denim. I hope I have enough for at least short elbow length sleeves. After one row I think I may switch to lace point needles. I will be following along for info on the shrinkage issue. Hope to have cable section finished by next Friday so I can take it on retreat with me.

  • no time to comment … I need to cast on !!!

  • I have a WIP I’m so close to finishing so I won’t start until then. I’ve downloaded the book – I’ve been cured of ordering yarn and patterns from the US by the iniquitous custom charges imposed here in th UK. I am going to do the liberty tree sweater – the most complex cables I have attempted to date, as the Spud and Chloe yarn was all that was available here. BUT they only had 7 skeins of the fabulous blue and 3 of the equally fabulous velvet red so that’s what I bought. I’m too impatient to wait until they have more stock! I’m going to have to do a ‘fear the fade’ style transition with the blue at the top and the red at the bottom.

    • Sounds great!

  • I love reading about all the variations people are trying! I’m also doing the Calligraphy version, but making it with long sleeves in Kelbourne Andorra. Using larger needles than the yarn is rated for so it should be a lightweight fabric (I hope!). My LYS is partcipating and we started last week with pattern & yarn selection. Already worked through my first skein; love this yarn!

    • I’m casting on for the Calligraphy sweater too, with plans to do 3/4 length sleeves. I’m using Sueno by HiKoo in a beautiful blue grey color called Slated. It’s merinoand bamboo so I’m hoping for a nice drape. Wish me luck!!

  • I’m going to make a pullover, using the cables from Elaine’s Capelet. Starting with PS Beaujolais. After that, things might get a bit … Wild. Or Sequenced. Or Hadley’d…

    • What does “Hadley’d” mean?

  • Hurrying over, checking my list…
    seat cushion
    accessories: handknit socks, hat, neckerchief
    sunglasses, water bottle
    big sign reading “GO KNITTERS GO!”
    Okay, I’m ready to cheer from the bleachers 🙂

  • I have already knit a Calligraphy cardigan (with 3/4 sleeves), so I have decided to use this #bangoutasweater to learn a new to me technique. I will be knitting a sweater using intarsia. Happy knitting everyone!

  • Oh my goodness..I want to try the above light blue cardigan. I knit off and on about every few years and my last sweater was begun in 1972 my son and finished in 2012 for his son. I’m tempted but might die before I finish since I apparently suffer from knitting ADHD.

    • I had a chuckle when reading your comment. I think we are related!

  • Today, I decided to do this, esp since I, too, have Rowan Denim in my stash. Oh happy days!

    • Happy to have you in Team Denim!

  • I’ve had Norah’s short sleeved pullover from Vogue Holiday 2010 in my mental queue for years. This seems like the time to go for it! Using The Fibre Company’s Luma.

  • I plan to start early next week once I finish banging out a sweater for my hubby which has been languishing on my needles. Either from PomPom or the Calligraphy cardigan. Headed to AZ in 2 weeks and hope to wear it in March. Live in MN and just survived the polar vortex.

  • Late to the party as I had brain surgery last week & now on a month of rest/recovery. Going to join in. Not sure how far I’ll get as I tire very easily right now. This will give me something to break up my days of recovery, which consist of naps, slow laps around the house & more naps. Looking at Miette by Andi Satterlund in Miss Babs Yowza.

    • Wishing you a speedy recovery, Bonnie!

  • I am so excited to be joining in on the fun—learning as I go.

  • FYI to all the denim knitters, Rowan has just released a brand new denim yarn for those of us who have been salivating over Kay’s beautiful sweater made of denim and couldn’t find any denim yarn, anywhere!