Bang Out a Sweater: Dreaming It Up

By Ann Shayne
January 4, 2019

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  • I’m in! Going for the Calligraphy Cardigan with 3/4 length sleeves. Now I’ve got to get cracking on finishing my January projects!!

    • I’m going to make this project but first need to finish the Hadley pullover. If anyone has made this pattern can you tell me whether there are 7 or 8 rows of stock st between decrease rows in the waist shaping?

      • I’ll go look. I don’t remember.

      • 7 rows between decreased rows after the first decrease row, so 1, 9, 17 etc are decrease rows.

    • I couldn’t wait to get started. Already to the hip shaping section .I LOVE the Periwinkle Sheep yarn! So soft!

    • Same with me, the Calligraphy Cardigan and I have the Periwinkle Sheep in hydrangea. Can’t wait to start. Just finished a Humulus for my Speedy Sweater with the Grocery Girls. I only have a little time for personal knitting, too many grand children who love all knitted items from Mimi.

  • I have chosen 3 different options from stash and I need to swatch. The plan was to swatch in December but I was working on finishg my Double Wide Parallelogram Scarf. I’m going to do my best to Bang out a Revolution!

  • I’m swatching for the Calligraphy cardigan. The February start date will give me time to perfect the cables!

  • I will once again be cheering from the bleachers! Getting out my poster paints for sign-making now 🙂

    • I’ll join you in the cheering section, Quinn!!

      • Me too! Still too intimidated to try and knot a whole sweater with cables in 28 days. I give those who are in my highest respect for their craft

  • I’m doing the Calligraphy yoke as a pullover using Hecktos in London and couldn’t be more excited! I’ll be posting swatches on Instagram next week at Nellknits, if you’d like to take a look at how I’m planning to merge the 2 patterns together.

  • going to do the Hugo Poncho in Berroco Ultra Alpaca as soon as I finish my SIL socks.

  • I also want to make a simply boxy sweater to wear with jeans too before March so I gotta get going.

  • Sure wish I could see the designs on larger, bustier models . . .

    • As a larger, bustier participant, I hear you! There are some #mdkfieldguideno9 projects popping up on Instagram that might give you some guidance making choices and also Ravelry projects:

      I’m planning on Elaine’s Cape cables on the cardigan model–with sleeves.

    • I am a 42″ bust and made the 45.5″ size Calligraphy cardigan (with 3/4 sleeves). I’m very happy with how it came out. You can find my project on the Ravelry link below or on instagram

      • As another bustier (bustiest? 48″ ) knitter, I was excited by Calligraphy because in the photo,the front cables seem to form a vertical, rather than diagonal line, and I find those diagonal raglan lines very unflattering. I have purchased the booklet, but am not state my anything until several hibernating projects have been awakened and completed. I am looking forward to seeing other people’s projects.

      • Gorgeous!

  • Oh this is perfect! I was planning on making myself a sweater, and yoke sweaters are my favorites! I actually already have some bare Peruvian worsted wool (KnitPicks WoTA) coming, and plan to dye up a fade. Now to decide dark to light top to bottom, or the reverse? Then there’s the color… dark purple into a pale green or burgundy into a soft blue?
    Comments? Suggestions?

    • This sounds amazing, Islay. Burgundy to soft blue since you’re asking! My inclination would be to go from darker to lighter top down. Can’t wait to see your progress!

    • I agree with Cristina.

    • I’m partial to the purple into green. I’m thinking a dark periwinkle into a medium sage or celadon. It makes me think of my favorite flowers – hydrangeas

  • I’m in with the swirl topper with long hemmed sleeves. I’m hoping to use some Verdande in stash—either red or a wine-ish color. I think I have SQ of both.

  • Can’t wait!

  • I’ve stalled out on my knitting since feverishly finishing some items for a vacation at the end of October, this is just what I need to get going again! I’ve got some work travel coming — so I hope my seat mate on the plane likes sweater parts draped over them.

  • Although I have banged out all three previous sweaters, I’m considering participating unconventionally this year, and banging out an Ironworks beret (already have the yarn!) and using the extra time to finish a sweater that’s been in my WIPs for 3 years…..

  • Any chance you will be getting more Periwinkle Sheep in Hydrangea?

  • I have three sweaters in my 2019 Ravelry Challenge queue. Sounds like a good opportunity to bang one out! I’ve been meaning to do Purl Soho’s Botanical Yoke Pullover for ages, and I decided to try it in doubled Jaggerspun Zephyr. Four skeins of that are somewhere around, anxiously awaiting their destiny.

  • I, too, will be cheering this endeavor from the sidelines. Two notes, though: 1) this has inspired me to select the theme of “Cables” for my 2019 knitted gifts, and 2) I WILL be banging out a more basic sweater during February, just not one of these. I’ve only ever done baby sweaters, so this will be the first time to do something for myself.

  • I’m all set. I have the pattern and will do a pullover, I think. Will use yarn from stash. But WHERE will this be going on – where do I sign up. On Ravelry? Where do I get to see what others are doing? Sorry to be such a lamebrain.

  • I’m so excited! I will lead a KAL at my LYS- The Perfect Blend in Saugerties, NY! For sure I will do Rope and Braid! I fell in love with it the minute I saw it! I’ll assist other knitters choose their pattern and yarn! I’m on the fence which yarn I’ll use! I’ll go this weekend to look and feel! I can’t wait to cast on!
    Thank you all!

  • I’ve want to be a part of your “Bang out a…” since last year when I didn’t Bang Out A Carbeth, so when I saw your announcement, I ordered the Field Guide. However, my knitting sensei announced in class that she is offering a Friday/Saturday workshop. The sweater she will be teaching is Arboreal ( which is quite similar to last year’s March Madness winner, the Humulus. So, if it meet with your approval, I’ll be banging out a sweater in February, just not a Field Guide one. I’ll have the Field Guide, so I can bang out one of those later in the year!

  • I am doing Calligraphy, maybe with longer sleeves. It depends if I have enough yarn to go further. I am using Blacker Lyonesse Pure wool with linen – it swatched perfectly and I can’t wait to see how it comes out. I considered changing up the sweater – I bought Interchange as well so tons of options. But, there isn’t anything I don’t like about Calligraphy as it stands, so that is what it is. Intriguing to design my own still, next time.

  • I’m in! Swirl top✨

  • I’m going for the tree of life seater. I have enough yarn from my stash to make it. A blend of merino wool and alpaca . in purple my favorite color. It a light color so the cables should be seen.

  • Has anyone thought about a provisional cast on since we have to pick up those neck stitches? I’m looking forward to the starting bell, and I usually overthink it. Let the games begin!

    • Yes someone mentioned that and I think it’s a fantastic idea. Kudos for reading the pattern all the way through!

  • I’m doing mine in alpaca. In a purple color. I am on my 4th rd.

  • Getting ready to do increases for the hip, but it appears increases are only done on one side (from total stitches at end of increases) Why not both?