Sequence knitting: simple knit-purl patterns that create mesmerizing textures.

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  • My double-wide is two Shawl Balls each of Canyon and Sulphur Springs–one each of the Bombs would be amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing. Just saying (and longing to knit this all over again…but maybe starting with 221 stitches…super-double-wide).

    • Why are you up at 4AM? Knitting?

    • 2 Yarn Bombs are on their way to me…I want to cast on 221 stitches but do you think it will be long enough for lotsa wrapping if I cast it on that wide? Maybe I should just go with the 201.

    • Just wondering how wide is your Double Wide after casting on 201 stitches?

  • I knit an original Parallelogram Scarf which I finished and showed off in June at Shakerag….and I cast on another, wider version almost immediately. It is my go everywhere knitting, and I don’t think it is out of my system yet! I love wearing the original (so cozy and pretty), knitting the larger one, and I can see an even bigger one …or maybe just longer…lurking. Oh, dear….

  • I’m working on the 181 CO version right now! It can be surprising, to be K2, P2ing away and to suddenly look at the fabric piled in your lap, and to see how the colors are shifting. when you work row by row, you don’t realize how great the effect is. It’s truly mesmerizing.

  • I’ve been eyeballing those bombs for one of Elizabeth Elliot‘s Fissure wraps. I knit one of those in dear departed Rifton from Jill Draper and adore it, I’m thinking the Freia will have the same look? But I’m wondering about the loft and texture of the yarn – how does it compare to Rifton? Any opinions welcome…..

    • It’s quite similar to Rifton in weight. Being merino it’s a bit softer. They’re both singles. Such a great idea to sub it for Rifton.

      • Ok, ok, you talked me into it. Just ordered a couple of balls (I’m going for looong), and a new Loome tool, since my dog ate the last one I ordered. Only non shoe item she’s ever chewed…..

        • Dogs are weird! Olive likes certain yarn labels but not all yarn labels.

  • OMG!!! All of those color combos are so gorgeous! I want them ALL!

  • I’m the one who knitted the sample in the middle. I cannot overstate how addicted I was to this project–it’s more than nine feet long, using all of two Yarn Bombs. I’m going to make another, and I may just go with two random colors. Cecelia’s pattern breaks up crazy colors so that it all hangs together. It’s just the darndest thing.

    • Can I ask which ends you started with on each ball? It looks like the green end of Lichen? Which end for Amaranth? I want mine to look just like your sample. 🙂 My ball of Lichen is wound with the green on the outside, and Amaranth with the dark purple on the outside.

  • What are the dimensions of the 201-stitch version?

    • It’s about 16 inches wide and 9 feet long if you use all of both skeins.

  • Ummm, can I just use one ball of Freia and still get the color shifting? I am just getting back into knitting and have a pattern for Fusion Boomerang that looks like something I can tackle at this point!

    • Definitely! The color shifts are every bit as subtle and beautiful with one ball.

  • I tried to order Freia Shawl Balls or Yarn Bombs or kits and it says you are out of stock. will you be getting more?

  • Which colorways were used in the middle sample, please?