A Star Is Born

By Kay Gardiner
October 7, 2018

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  • Same!

  • I watched it last week. Sobbed all the way through it—- don’t ask me why. And I knew all the words to the songs, which is remarkable considering I don’t remember what I had for dinner last night. Anxious for the new Star for sure.

  • Wasn’t Judy Garland in a movie of the same name?

    • Yes. Also one back in the 30s with Janet Gaynor. I don’t remember seeing that one, though according to what I read about it she was an actresss, not singer.

      • Wow, that is one movie and three remakes!

  • I just read an article comparing all the versions. I need to find the Judy Garland one, they say that is the best, but who knows.

  • I remember seeing the Streisand version at the movies on a hot date. Neither one of us liked it is all I recall. Now I see that John Gregory Dunne and Joan Didion were the writers. I don’t think I’ll revisit. But maybe Judy Garland…

  • My favorite movie ever! I tear up at the first notes of Evergreen. Hmmm, it’s raining, and I’m trying to finish my Rhinebeck sweater…I guess I know what I’ll be doing today. Thank you!

  • I remember seeing the ’76 version at the theatre, full of smoke, back in the days when they played the National Anthem at the start. You will have to check out the earlier Judy Garland version too!

  • Judy Garland and James Mason! No music

  • try watching the original 1937 version with Janet Gaynor and Fredric March.

    • Agree! (A bit of a correction, though – it’s the second version of the story, but the first with the “Star is Born” title).

  • Judy Garland version is on Turner Classic Movies (TCM) today at 2:30.

    • Must see!

  • THANKS for the link to Vincent Canby’s review- what a hoot! My mother and I saw the movie in a local theater in ’76. We didn’t read the Times review back then, but I have to say we would both have agreed with Canby. Frankly, the story is so worn out that the new version doesn’t tempt me despite strong reviews, but I have seen both the Judy Garland and the Janet Gaynor versions on PBS decades ago and would enjoy seeing them again.

  • Saw it last night. Such a beautiful well made movie a refreshing change

  • Love the 1976 Star is Born. Watched it this past summer on Netflix and definitely teared up at the end.

  • Man! Wait til you see Bradley Cooper in love, and wait til you hear Lady Gaga. Yeah you’ll cry.

    • I cannot wait!

  • Have you seen the earlier version with Judy Garland and James Mason? I think it is even better.