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For those of you living in a cave, where you don’t know it’s 2017: lucky you! We wish we were living in a cave these days.

But we’re not, so at least we have discovered the good news that once again, public television is delivering unto us a divine wallow in a distant age when the queens were tiny, the costumes extravagant, and the period distant.

The period in question: Victorian. Literally! As in: Victoria, the queen who ruled for 63 years, seven months, and two days.

Just when we’ve all run out of episodes of The Crown, when Downton Abbey is but a distant memory, PBS’s Masterpiece is delivering salvation in the form of Victoria—a binge-proof, old-school, once-a-week series.

Hallelujah! We need to stretch this thing out, people. It will be shown on Sundays for the next seven weeks, and I for one will aim hard to watch this in real time. At this point I am craving escape so much that I will happily tell Siri to remind me to go turn on the teevee and watch a show.



  • Ah. but it may be binged! If you are a Thirteen member, that is! I have binged, and it is wonderful!

  • I have been watching in real time, and it’s enthralling! I will be sad when it’s done, but I’m sure PBS will come up with something else to keep me interested. Have you seen the Animal Spies episodes? So fun!

  • Love this show….Watched them all. Wish it was longer.

  • I think it’s on week 4……

    • Sorry re my comment, fro some odd reason I thought it was Kay’s post.

  • Been watching it … but am really really disappointed. It’s Masterpiece Theater for Teenage Girls. The “romance” between Victoria and Lord M makes me crazy, it is so bloody inaccurate (he was so much older and nowhere near as good looking as Rufus Sewell …)

    Looking forward to more Grantchester though … and Poldark.

  • My major problem with the site is that I keep expecting Dr. Who to show up.

    • I know! If Clara’s here, can the Doctor be far behind?

  • I LOVE Victoria!!!!!!!!!

    • You are not alone in your desire to be living in a cave these days. But the company is good!

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