Parallelogram Scarf: Fun with Math

By Kay Gardiner
June 21, 2018

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  • You’ve completely rewarded my procrastination – now I’m thrilled I haven’t started my parallelogram scarf yet and get to play with width/length ideas while I finish another WIP! Woo hoo!

  • I’m going to follow the 181 cast on. This is very exciting. My Freia balls are screaming out to me.

    • If your balls are screaming, you may want to see a doctor. 🙂

      • [spits coffee]

  • I have 2 balls of Nautilus waiting patiently thinking I would start one from the inside and the other from the outside. Now I am thinking I should add an Autumn Rose to the party.such decisions so early in the morning.

  • Kay I’m going to do 181 sts using 4 balls of Freia and thank you for doing the math for me.

    • Sarah, please post your progress on Instagram!
      I’m just getting started on mine, after having to start over, tragically. I’m doing the extra 80 stitches like Kay did, and was planning on using four balls too, but now reconsidering, and just using two.
      So many choices! Oy!

      • I sure will. I’m about an hour away from finishing the Chevron Hand Towel made with linen mini-skeins that I started at the getaway. Then I’m casting on the Parallelogram. Since I have the 4 skeins already I’m going to use them all. I like a big scarf!

    • I’m planning to do this with the 181 stitches as well. I picked up a colorway sample of Indulgence sock yarn a while back. I’ve unraveled it because the transition yarn was unraveling. I thought it would be fun to use that as one colorway and my varying solid sock yarn leftovers. I love a mystery.

  • I can’t wait to try this. I love a long warm scarf. Thanks for the notes!

  • both are lovely!
    I will have to try this!

  • This pattern just jumped from “that’s very nice” to “extremely desirable to knit must get some of that yarn” for me—funny what a little math can do ! xox

  • I love your writing!! If I used a DK weight, it would be even more snuggly! Oh, the choices.

  • That scarf is some fun knitting! I’m in love with mine.

    • I know right? It’s midsummer and I’m casting on another merino wool scarf. #thatknittinglife

  • I have two embarrassing beautiful balls of Freia that I bought entirely on a whim with no plan whatsoever. They have been mocking me for a year. Now I feel smug and justified and a little prescient. You’re very helpful, thank you!!

  • I was enthralled with this option as I watched you knit at Shakerag. Now that you’ve given me the recipe I’m ready to go with the yarn I bought there.
    Still working on Corrugated Shawl but Parrallelogram may be next. I’m always drawn to color and then design so the Freia Yarn is imploring me to start today. Thank you.

    • Lynn! You are the sequence knitting queen!

  • There is a class on bias knitting that Bristol Ivy did on Craftsy. She does explain that math, but sadly was watching only casually on a free Craftsy day and did not get it down.

  • Looking beautifully textured! Wider and shorter is my current style of choice now that Collegiate me is a very distant memory; it also works better with French-style looping, keeping the bulk of the scarf closer to the throat and chest. Currently finishing a cashmere-silk bias wrap because it’s June in California.

    • I see a double wide in my future but a Cashmere-silk wrap? Swoon!!
      Fellow Cali folks want to know more.

    • Not just California knitters, this Ohio knitter wants more info too!

  • I’m trying to solve your math problem for 161 stiches, but I need one more piece of information: how long is the cast-on side of each scarf? With that I should be able to find your answer! (Give a knitting math teacher a problem….)

    • 181 stitches = 34 inches

      101 stitches = 24 inches

      Thank you, knitting math teacher Sarah Jane!

      • I love knitting the scarf nut i screw up and purl an extra stitch and then hv to rip it out! I guess i shd slow down knit slower. Anyone hv my problem?

  • I’m liking your new version

  • Your gauge changed between the two scarves (original = 4.2 st/1″, double wide = 5.3 st/1″) so given an average of the two gauges, 161 sts would be around 13″ wide.

  • Those gentle color combinations and shifts are so beautiful. I can imagine how much fun this is to knit!

  • I am knitting mine with Freia gradients in turquoise and lime green… i cast on 131 stitches. I love the texture of the diagonal stitches. I love knitting on it. I have only done 8 ½ “ so far.

  • I have 2 Shawl Balls waiting for me to have time to knit this, so this is good-to-know info!

  • That scarf would make Dr Who so very happy

  • Ok, I’m confused. Where is the pattern? Other than cast on so many stitches and it’s a k2, p2 repeat, I don’t find anything on increases or decreases for the ends to make this a diagonal pattern and color shift. Would someone please send me the pattern? thank you.

  • I still can’t find the written instructions. It says cast on so many stitches, and length when finished. I’ve seen k2, p2. But how does it make the tapered ends and the pattern at a diagnal? I’ve seen used 2 balls of a different color to get the wonderful ombre effect but it doesn’t give instructions how. No matter where I’ve looked. Would someone please send me a PDF of the pattern please?
    [email protected] thank you! Happy Holidays!

    • Sara, I don’t know if anyone answered your question but the pattern is in MDK’s Field Guide No. 5, Sequences.

  • I am just beginning this scarf and am reading the pattern in Sequences Field Guide. How do I bring along color A when I join color B?

    • I would like to know that as well. How do I bring along colour A when I join colour B?

  • You leave Color A behind. Join Color B in a purl stitch (the third stitch of that row) and continue down the row, where you’ll add 3 stitches at the end of the row using a KBFB. Then come back again, still in Color B, to the end of the row, where you will knit 3 together. Those 3 stitches are the 3 stitches in Color A that started the prior row. So you carry on, knitting two rows, back and forth, in Color A, followed by 2 rows, back and forth, in Color B.

  • I made a double wide. I’m pretty sure that I doubled the cast on stitches. I wear it more like a shawl because it’s 74×18