Logalong: Knittable Nature

By Ann Shayne
January 25, 2018

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  • Anylogcabinkitsales.

  • These aerial photos are perhaps one of the coolest rabbit holes you have sent us on! How inspiring!

  • Reminds me of a related knitting project that people can do. It is called “Knit the Sky”, wear everyday for a year you look out your window and see what colors are in the sky and knit a few rows accordingly. Google for further information I think a book and even kids are available.

    • That should have been even KITS are available!

  • Years ago friends gave us Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s book, Earth From Above. A beautiful coffee table book of photographs of the earth, “from above”. I never thought of translating those beautiful patterns to fiber. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • I checked this book out from the library recently (and it’s huge), and I had to buy it because it’s so incredible!

  • Inspiration for all kinds of endeavors, painting, knitting, crochet, quilting…and beautiful photographs to boot. Love!

  • Well then, you might also like this – camouflage knitting featured in The Guardian:


    • Amazing!

  • I suddenly can’t stop seeing log cabin possibilities. They’re everywhere!!!

  • Daily Overview is another good site: http://www.dailyoverview.com/

  • Oh my, that was wonderful.

  • I would check out the tulip fields in LaConner, Washington. I wonder how they are different than the fields in the Netherlands?? I no longer live in Washington, but have been to the fields many times. They are beautiful! Mmmmm, an idea for another logalong pattern 🙂