Parallel Knitting

By Kay Gardiner
November 21, 2017

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  • I am trying to resist purchasing any new yarn until the New Year. You are making it very difficult to keep that promise. Deciding between the color ways helps. Your scarf is lovely.

    • Choosing a colorway is a project unto itself. Make things easier by starting with a tea towel you like!

  • Huzzah for the heroines of sample knitting!

  • Congratulations to the team that makes Field Guides possible! Congratulations for the lovely reading blog you presents us everyday!

  • I am rather obsessed with this scarf – those color changes! Wow! I was not planning on visiting my local again until mid-December but now I really want to go and pick up the Field Guide and the Freia. And when I read “It’s a feature!,” I chuckled to myself. Happens all the time!

  • I also really enjoy reading your blog in the mornings! I’m just now getting back into knitting and your blog makes it a joy to knit! I feel like I can “do this!” after reading your encouraging words here.

  • I purchased the yarn and guide almost immediately and then left home to fly across the country to Ca. for the holidays. My yarn arrived at home yesterday, how I wish I had it with me. Can’t wait to start.

  • The Parallelogram Scarf is gorgeous! However, since all cats have a Fear of Missing Out, you now have Kermit wanting to learn a provisional cast-on! In other news, a Big Floral Damask Thing was seen gnawing on a pigeon in front of Tiffany’s this morning. . .;)!

  • My projects don’t have “features”, they have “design elements.” Can’t wait to get my Field Guide #5. I’m scoping out my bin of fingering yarns to see which two win.

  • You’re making a plunge into a parallel(ogram) universe very appealing. Gotta finish this Granito first….

  • Pretty scarf

  • What is parallel knitting is it possible to do it on regular knitting needles or do u have to use circular needles

    • I have the Freia yarn just ordered, is it possible to use 2 of the Scheepjes “Whirl” in my stash. Would they work also. Then I know I can make 2! What a great thought, to be able to make 2

  • Do u have to use circular needles or do you have to use regular needles

  • I ordered field guide, yarn, needles for this project right away. They arrived two days ago, but real job has gotten in the way of all extracurricular activities. The package has remained, frustratingly, unopened. Now feeling blessed about that because you have written about the very project that I ordered, and have given some very important tips. Thanks so much!

  • I loved seeing your Test Knitters. They all look so … normal, while they accomplish such great work! I wish they could virtually rub some of their magic on me 🙂

    • We require our testknitters to be normal and superhuman AT THE SAME TIME.

  • Thank you for another lovely field guide, and a big thank you to the sample knitters! I cast on my parallelogram shawl the moment my yarn arrived and it is such a pleasure to knit! Pattern is easy to follow, and when it starts to rib I know I am off beat! I keep waiting for the color to change…. only problem is I abandoned all my other projects!

    • Yael! One of my colors finally made a definitive change, from light pink to mauve to chocolate. It’s so happy making, like knitting on a new project all of a sudden.

  • Where can I buy the pattern?

  • how do I get a copy of the parallel sequence scarf? i tried searching Ravalry several times but it came up saying no pattern exists, Can you help me please/