Euroflax Color Party!

By Kay Gardiner
June 15, 2017

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  • It’s so great to have an opportunity to jump into this conversation, which was left dangling… Ages ago I commented on one of Ann’s posts. It preceded your (Kay’s) post on the Dangling Conversation scarf. It included photos from the first Field Guide, (p 23) of Ann’s lovely linen sample piece. I said it looked like it would make a lovely wrap, and wondered if she would share her pattern. Long story short – I purchased two sets of the Earth colorway, and I DID make myself a wrap, loosely based on that photo. I haven’t yet entered it on Ravelry, but did try to enter a photo on the Lounge, but I can’t figure out how. I love all your ideas for linen, and can’t wait to see what you decide to do, and I love the new mini-set colorways!

    • Earth is definitely “my” colorway, and I really want to see pictures of your wrap! 🙂

  • Oh Kay, you Temptress! you know I had to order the Super Mega Bundle, didn’t you? Now I need to figure out a glorious large wrap pattern for my lovely linen.

    Speaking of linen, I recently figured out that I will never find the quality of linen bed sheets I yearn for in contemporary outlets, so I headed to Etsy and am now the delighted owner of 100-year-old French linen sheets and pillowcases. The texture, softness, and quality of these linens is not to be believed until you experience them in person. I love that everything is mismatched, with hand-embroidered monograms, none of which are of my initials.

    And I spent no more than I would have for modern high end cotton sheets.

  • I used the Forest mini skeins for a Dangling Conversation scarf and it is wonderful! Am making DC in the Sea combination for a friend now. About winding: Tried first with a ball winder – what a mess. Then wound by hand – still fussy, getting tangled as I knit. Got a nostepinne, and presto, neat center-pull balls with no dangling.

  • I have two bundles of Earth intended for a DC….but now I’m thinking I should see what Nell’s new top is all about…oh, the linen love!

  • OMG these three colorways together are RIGHT up my alley!!! I’ve just planned a late-September Cape Cod beach getaway, so I will defs need a big summer schmattah for wrapping. THANK YOU!! XOXO

  • This is exciting! For someone who can’t wear a wool it’s thrilling to find patterns for non wool items. Fabulous colors!

    • I used to be in that situation but somehow my wool sensitivity faded away. But back when I couldn’t wear wool, I got so tired of the heaviness of cotton, so linen was a huge thing.

  • Sigh, O coffee table objets d’art! I used to be able to do that until I adopted a cat who thinks All The Yarnzes Belong To Her. The other cats ignore artfully displayed yarn, but Mishka, um, decorates with them. Everywhere. Around every table and chair leg in the house. Also, on topic, I just bought the Dangling Conversation pattern and plan to make a linen one. Yay, another WIP (that I have to keep in a zipped opaque knitting bag or in a drawer — the above-mentioned cat even chews through plastic ziplock bags to get to the yarnzes) — as soon as I buy some linen!

    • You have to admire her passion!

  • Mesmerizing stop action. How many times is too many to watch that…?

  • Seeing Euroflax in all those colors brings to mind one name: Kaffe Fassett! Kay? Kay??? Kay??!??? Bueller?????

  • gosh, I’m hankering after those pretty colors. love the juicies with the neutrals, very yummy, very MDK!

  • I wonder if some of linen’s current popularity isn’t from a surge in weaving. I see kitchen towels.

  • Although I was pathetic and took NO pictures at TNNA, the linen combo yarns really grabbed me. And then, on the flight home, I sat next to a shop owner working in a linen/merino fingering weight yarn. It’s fate, I tell you, fate. I have plans for the mini skein set I bought from MDK last year to mix with a solid linen for a gradient yoke sweater. We’ll see when that happens!

  • Oh, the new color sets! Oh, the old color sets! You temptresses, these are irresistible. Your mini-skeins have fostered a linen love affair for me.

  • I immediately fell in love with the mini skeins of Euroflax so I ordered the Super Mega Bundle! Like you do. I don’t know what I will do with all of it but I expect to make significant inroads when I knit the Ashley Skirt from Interweave’s Knitting Daily show. I just need to pick up some black Euroflax. It’s going to be beautiful