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Dear Ann,

My Giftalonging is going just great, thanks for asking. In fact, it’s going amazing. My laissez-knit approach has yielded me one Hap Cowl already (using Rifton Mono and remnants of the Rifton used for my Hei Cowl), and I’m having a fabulous time knitting whatever the heck I feel like.

Sunday was a particularly good day. You texted me a link to a project, with a comment like, “Isn’t this cute?” or something. The link was to, and to Tamara’s Dangling Conversation shawl.  (Cue joyous John Williams music appropriate for woman being scooped into the strong, loving arms of a knitting pattern.)


Tamara used a set of Euroflax mini-skeins in the Sea colorway. She used up each mini skein down to the nub, and got this fantastic result.


GAH! It’s so great. (That knot–killing me with the jaunty!) It’s the kind of scarf I am always looking for in warm weather, when I want something decorating the collarbone area, but it needs to be lightweight and linen.


I know a good thing when I see it. I had a pack of Euroflax mini-skeins in the Earth colorway, which I’d been planning to use to make another Chevron Stripe Hand Towel for the Giftalong. But since there are NO RULES in my Giftalong, I decided then and there to stop, drop and make a Dangling Conversation with my Earth mini skeins.


Here’s where things stood as the light faded on Sunday afternoon.


And here’s where things were yesterday at the end of the day. I might have been able to squeeze two more rows onto that edge before binding off, but I wasn’t in the mood for ripping back if I was wrong.


The key thing about Dangling Conversation is that the construction allows you to use up all, or nearly all, of each mini skein, so you don’t end up with even tinier oddments of yarn. There is no calculating whether a mini skein will be enough yarn for a repeat; no danger of having to change colors mid-motif or mid-stripe.  The design lets you change colors when you are about to run out of a color. The transition looks planned, because you start each new color with a row of yarn-over-k2tog eyelets.

It’s so SO satisfying to find a perfect pattern for a special yarn that you love with all your heart. I know that more Conversations are going to be Dangling in my future. I’m already thinking about making a Long, Drawn-Out Dorm Room Conversation using two packs of Euroflax Miniskeins, so that I can double-wrap (as is my wont–I’m a double-wrapper from way back).

I owe it all to you for showing me Tamara’s version. Thank you, the both of yas. Special thanks to Tamara for answering my questions about her version, and sharing her photos.



P.S. Fear not, I will soon share a photo or 6 of the tidied-up, blocked version. But I’m in love with the messy-bun version of this project.

P.S. Can analysis be worthwhile? Is the theatre really dead? Is this pattern inspired by this Simon & Garfunkel song?


  • THAT SONG! It’s so good. So is this post. Happy Thanksgiving to MDK, my bright spot in each day.

  • I love it!! This is going to be the project that pulls me out of a knitting retirement of making mindless mitered squares, beautiful and rewarding as each one is, into a finished project just for moi. Self-care at its finest.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Ann. Am thankful for the long and fun journey that is Modern Daily Knitting. xoxo

  • I don’t mean to bring up a sore subject, but, what happened to the Big Flower Jacket? Did I miss it’s debut?

    • Not a sore subject! It’s resting quietly, waiting for me to have a day or two of concentration.

  • Would love to catch a glimpse of the completed Hap Cowl (using Rifton Mono and remnants of the Rifton used for your Hei Cowl)…I’m intrigued.

  • I am utterly jealous. I started a chevron ZickZack with my Euroflax in Sea but I’m not enjoying the knit at all. I just don’t like colorwork and… all those ends! Jiminy. Color me green with envy. 🙂

    • The end result is SO worth it, so hang in there. I used a long colourway wool for mine, so I eliminated the need for sewing in.

      • Yes, the pattern is great, but the way I’ve chosen to change colors, I can’t carry. I’ve taken to ordering the yarn for other projects in order to better procrastinate on this one.

  • Will there ever again be two voices that blend as beautifully as Simon and Garfunkle? Thanks for that song.
    And that is a great pattern, I’ve knit it with both cotton and wool, I’ll have to try some linen.

  • BRILLIANT! I have been since their debut ever on the hunt for perfect Euroflax mini-skeins patterns – I think I think that if I find the perfect pattern I will instantly know which colorway to get. Who am I kidding? I’ll end up having to buy them all. (Also, pro-S&G. Who isn’t? I wouldn’t trust ’em.)

  • You convinced me-just ordered some! Heading to desert and nice to have something lightweight to knit.Thank you for the Mindy Ross link-love this free winter scarf pattern

  • I had that song stuck in my head ALL DAY yesterday and had no idea why since I only “know” about 6 bars (the descending bass line and resolve into Major) and not even all the words to that. I’m going to have to apply my NeverFail Earworm Remover again this morning, I can see that! 😉
    Do you find linen comfortable to knit? Do you prewash to soften it a bit, as some people recommend? I love these colors and the combination – and that pattern is a winner for sure. Congrats on such a speedy FO!

    • What is your NeverFail Earworm Remover? No fair not sharing!

    • I have been knitting with linen (and Rowan Denim, which has similar properties) a long time so it doesn’t bother me, and I’m too lazy to take the time to prewash it.

  • I LOVE the colors!

  • You had me at “Dear Anne”,- bought the pattern, have the flax, what size needle???

    • I used a 3, because I’m a super-loose knitter especially in linen. Tamara used a 5.

  • Actually you had me over on Instagram the other day. (Can’t figure out how to edit my previous comment)

  • Thank you for that earworm . Not a superficial lie. I mean it. 😉 .
    I have had this pattern queued for -evah , your lot-of-neutrals version is killing me, I am going to have to cats on for one.

    • I have lots of cats in case anyone needs to borrow, just saying. I have so many I don’t know why spell check doesn’t always correct me in this way

    • Hee! I know a good typo when I see one – I need to cats on too! How else does one knit this time of year?

  • I love all things Mindy Ross! Why didn’t I think of Dangling Conversation for my Euroflax mini skeins ( that I HAD to have)! I have already made 2 of them, and they are fun. Happy Thanksgiving to all. Let’s try to focus on what we do have to be thankful for.

  • I have knit 3 Dangling Conversations with linen and They get softer with every wearing. I layer them together sometimes. They are all linen, black, khaki and sand. This is the perfect scarf for San Diego weather. Loving the mini skein idea!.

    • what is the recommende bind off ?

  • Ravelry must be having a fire sale; I can’t get in to look at the pattern details. Still, Dangling Conversation looks like a winner!

  • Yes! Ann had linked to Tamara’s Dangling Conversation a while back. I kept that in mind, and last night I looked at it again for my Earth mini skeins and totally loved it. Now this. Serendipity or a sign from the knitting goddess? I think the latter.

    I also think I need another set of mini skeins.

    • I was wondering what method of joining people have used especially with changing color at the start of the row?

  • all bundled up in that heap, that great project looks like a delicious dessert with all the right flavours. chocolate, coffee and cream.

  • It was in the lounge where Tamara posted her lovely scarf. (Blushing – knew I saw it somewhere.) Thank you Tamara!

  • Oh, THAT SONG!! Simon & Garfunkel (& a few others) remind me so much of my mom and certain periods of time — hers and mine and ours. Love that shawl. I think I’m going to have to make one now. Happy Thanksgiving to YOU!!

  • Thank you, thank you for this entertaining and delightful post – I’ve shared it with everyone I know. I think this is as “nearly famous” as I, or one of my knitting projects, will ever get. And, one potential disadvantage
    of spreading the word? I now have orders for 4 more Dangling Conversation scarves. Plus a knitting friend wanted a set of mini-skeins. Plus I have an idea for a wrap and thus needed 2 sets of the “earth” colorway. So – just completed BIG purchase of many mini skeins on “free shipping friday!”

    • When using the mini skeins what size did you make? I like the look and fit of the seaway scarf. Also what size needles did you use, circular???
      I am new to knitting with linen. Also I am not attempting to add beads.
      Thanks for the answers

  • I recently purchased a set of 10 mini-skeins of variously colored, but mostly dark, fingering weight from an Etsy seller simply because I was intrigued by the concept and the name — Ghostly Hallows or some such. Now I have the perfect pattern for them!

  • Just finished my scarf in the Sante Fe colorway, with at least a month or more of summer temps left! I was a little worried about the dark plum color when I blocked it, but there was no bleeding at all — if that is helpful for anyone else to know. Here’s my ravelry page:

    Fun and easy, my travel project. I also have the Earth set but may try a different pattern, though this one was two thumbs up!

  • Can you tell me what colors were used in your sample w the gray and blush?

  • I love this pattern…made one (with beads) for a friend last year, and just today fell in love with the mini skeins. So guess what’s next on my to-make list! Thanks!

  • I adore you MDK! So funny and sharp. I can’t wait to dangle a conversation of my own. This yarn is beautiful and what a great summer accessory!

  • I have now ordered (in my crazy passion for the mini skein colors) all sets plus an extra. I can’t wait to get started on a Dangling Conversation or four. Thank you for inspiring small satisfying projects, and not just the big guys! P.S. I think you are the only sellers of knitting supplies who thank your customers from time to time. Thank you for that.

  • I’m quite frustrated as I when I finish the eyelet pattern of the scarf I’m left with 100 stitches. Does that make sense? Any advice.

  • I’m working on my first Dangling Conversation with this yarn and have never used this yarn before. Can someone tell how it changes with washing?

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