It’s Intarsia Time (Again)

By Kay Gardiner
April 5, 2017

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  • Was yearning to hear what was happening with your Big Flower Jacket – thought the flurry of the Brand New Business might have driven it into oblivion – so glad it’s still proving reproachful. Pleasant to think of it loaded with Matzo crumbs !

    • I think you have revealed the big flaw in my decluttering plan. Rats. I mean, thanks.

    • Oops, sorry, Janis – I meant to reply to Kay’s post. The shock at learning all this knitting from stash is NOT decluttering my house really threw me for a minute.

      • Just keep knitting.

  • Do you know the band Walk the Moon? They have a lyric, “our venn diagrams are one circle.” Such a great way of expressing that phenomenon.

  • I’m still helical striping. I have fallen down a rabbit hole and am making bunches of socks out of left-over sock yarn. They are kind of crazy because I’m not making actual pairs of socks, but I am entranced, nonetheless. This process is kind of a declutter-but-not-really deal, too.

    • Brenda, I love the fact tbat they’re not actual pairs!

    • So Brenda, just random stripes of all sorts of colors, and you wear any two socks whenever you feel like it? I LOVE this idea! Moving the clutter from the attic to the sock drawer — brilliant!

    • This is a terrific way to eliminate the laundry day time suck of matching socks, and more fun than my husband’s policy of buying only black socks.

    • I’m using my leftover sock yarn to make mitts but your idea to make socks kind of resonates, making me want to rip out what I have and go off socking. BTW, my socks never match except the thick wooly ones I wear to work in winter so my toes don’t freeze.

    • Many many kids at my son’s middle school wore mismatched last year. 1300 kids at the school, and frankly I stopped noticing. I’ll be on the lookout again.

  • Kay, the summer scarves are lovely; and, I really like the big tangle that is the Big Flower. I know your personal April intasria experience will bring you closer to wearing that great garment at Rhinebeck.

    Knit on!

  • I had a wonderful time yesterday browsing through half a dozen Kaffe Fassett & Brandon Mably pattern books looking for a pattern to ‘declutter’ a kilo or so of Wollemeise. Found myself looking at The Big Flower Jacket and hoping that it might be back on your knitting radar soon………
    I’ve decided on the Big Diamond Tunic, and also succumbed to starting Brandon’s Checkerboard hat, intarsia is my favourite type of knitting.

    • As long as it has “Big” in the name it’s going to be excellent. I can’t wait to see this project take shape!

  • The story of Maxwell House advertising that coffee had been designated kosher makes me think of working at an ad agency where our client (General Mills) wanted to advertise in the Jewish press that Bac-O’s had been certified kosher. Which means, of course, that they contain absolutely no bacon.

    • I had always suspected that about Bac-o’s!

  • Love the image of completely overlapping Venn diagrams. Makes my heart lighter.

  • Ok, I am officially one month behind in my year. Have zaeurball and am ready for my stripes. Could you tell me how you divided the ball unevenly for maximum striping? So excited to be putting something fresh on my needles

    • I did a very approximate half & half split, making sure that the starting point of each mini-ball was at a color that contrasted highly with the other mini-ball.

  • Oh, dear. The Big Flower Slipcover has risen from its grave. Proof positive that bamboo knitting needles are not the same as wooden stakes.

    • I knew this would get a rise out of you, dear Anon.

  • Crying!

  • I heard of someone cleaning out a relative’s house who found, among decades of accumulated stuff, a large box labeled “pieces of string too small to be saved” – full of small pieces of string

  • Maxwell House was my grandmother in Florida’s Haggadah. In our house, no matter which Haggadah was in use, the visiting non-Jewish person always ended up with the passage with all of the rabbi’s names. Still happens! Crazy karma.

  • Chag sameach! Happy Passover! Thank you for including this in your post. Our family has tried some pretty amusing versions of the Haggadah too. This year, we are going untraditional and opting for a completely chocolate seder!

  • Thanks for the shout out, Kay. Sweet Passover to all.
    Warm regards, Carole