Recipe for a Summer Scarf

By Kay Gardiner
March 31, 2017

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  • Very summery! That’s the greatest compliment of all from your daughter.

  • I might have snagged it too f I were happy here!

  • It’s the summer honey cowl!
    Fast and friendly, this will be one of those “go to” designs.

    • Yes! It’s a summarized Honey Cowl!

  • Hey Kay, I was thinking of making this on size 6 needles with the Euro Flax yarn from your shop. How many stitches would you cast on to do so?

  • Oh. My.
    What a beauty!

    I’ll admit to having a bit of a “meh” reaction to seeing the cowl in progress a few days ago. But completed it’s glorious!

    The looseness! The relaxed perfection! The nautical contrast!

    I think the slubbiness is definitely part of the charm: I’m itching to knit one in slubby silk at super loose gauge.

    The gifting possibilities!

  • When you change yarns, do you just carry it up the back or do you cut the yarn and have the end to weave? Yours looks so cute!

    • That’s the beauty of helical stripes – you don’t carry anything up the inside, and there’s definitely no cutting yarn and weaving in ends – it’s almost magical and very hard to describe but simplicity to do. If you haven’t already watched the video tutorial I made, then you can watch it here (it’s at the top of the post): I hope that helps! Jen

    • What Jen said! In truth, I started this scarf just to keep entertaining myself with Jen’s helical stripes/helical garter stitch. It’s very satisfying to the brain. To my somewhat-surprise it’s a really great FO!

  • Such a great application of a newly learned technique! You developed a pattern to make a smmer scarf to meet your specific needs. Sooo Coool! However, Kay, I bet you “look cute while going about your business” with or sans a scarf. Just sayin’.

  • I do have some of this yarn in my stash. Also can’t wait to use this technique on Gale’s Portillo cowl from Drop Dead Easy Knits. Stocking up for the next holiday season…

    • D’oh! My summer scarf = Portillo Cowl, helical-style (and smaller gauge, just a bit)!

      Definitely something wrong with my memory. The parade of knitwear just washes over me.

      • EZ: “unvented”.

  • I am so doing this!

  • I love this!! Thank you!

  • Oh yes, I agree, it’s a summer sunny Honey Cowl! Love it!

  • Love it! Thanks! Smart cookie, that daughter of yours. Can’t wait to see Technique Two!