I Name Thee Bundt

By Kay Gardiner
November 15, 2016

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  • Right on, Kathleen!

  • I love every word and image, Kathleen!

  • I wish the pattern was available individually for sale:(

    • I found the pattern on Ravelry, free. There’s a link to the pattern on Pinterest, too.

      • Sorry, I was looking at a different pattern. Titania is on Ravelry but not free.

  • So many woman I know put themselves last on the list, Kathleen reminds us what we can do for a minute of self care or “me” time.Take care ! You need it right now!

  • We do need it. Lovely words for us all.

  • Did you know that today is National Bundt day?

  • Olive’s lawyers will be contacting you regarding her modeling fee. (Nice cowl, tho!)

    • Give Olive a treat – that is how I pay my dogs for their work!

      • Olive consumes the equivalent of 1 chicken per week. She weighs 10 pounds.

  • I will now be reading MDK posts and comments not only for the entertainment value but also hoping for more beautiful words from Kathleen. Her words here cut through the web of daily responsibilities and extraneous noise that binds us all up and went straight to my heart. I literally did a full stop. Thank you, Kathleen!

  • Thank you, Kathleen. Beautifully said. And Olive, I wonder if there’s enough of that delicious wool to make you another winter coat? You should ask.

  • Love your bust model. Great juxtaposition of “hard” and “soft!”
    And the self care comment is quite lovely; thanks for sharing it. Money isn’t everything and her self care reminded me of Zen or mindfulness… just being in the moment.
    Enjoy life’s little pleasures, as they add up to great things. Speaking of which, that moon this week! Hope you got to see it. Dog walking in the dark was so NOT dark, due to the brightness of moon glow. It was magical and made me realize that the evening chore is anything but a chore, but a true pleasure. 🙂

  • I think that Olive is unhappy with the color. While beautiful, it just isn’t right with her fur. I think a russet or a hunter green would make her happier. She also recognizes the proportions are wrong for her body type.

  • Very well-said, Kathleen – thank you 🙂
    And, oh, Olive! So demure. So mystique-y.
    So take-this-off-me-now-or-tonight-I-pee-in-your-shoes.

  • Of all the amazing madtosh colors glazed peacan is one of my faves! Beautiful cowl!!
    Also thanks for that repost from Max Daniels comments. It really spoke to me.

  • Oh, Olive! I think that this is the cutest photo of an animal modeling a handknit that I have ever seen! Those eyes! And I love Kathleen’s comment. I, too, am on a limited income, and I understand that the mani/pedi is only a symbol. One of my “external” tools for self-care is a weekly appointment at my local Community Acupuncture clinic. It is only $15, and has helped me so much with multiple chronic and acute health issues over the last year and a half. (And it’s also a chance to just rest with your feet up for half an hour.) It is a nationwide system, and sliding scale is $15-$40. I can’t recommend it highly enough! (Especially Erica, at the Newport, OR clinic!)

  • Olive makes everything look better! My 13-year-old daughter recently stole a cowl I’d just finished, and then asked if she could have more, in other colors. What, you want me to knit you things? YOU GOT IT. Titania’s going on the list.

  • Kathleen is FULL of good ideas!

    And I love your bust model, too. How was that hairdo achieved in real life? Most impressive.

  • more chunky knits! its so satisifying to finish a hat or two in an evening… sad but I enjoy the sense of achivement!

  • I hear that! Petting my cat is something I need every day. He and I really connect. It helps tremendously. Sometimes I put my ear right on his shoulder, where the purr is deepest and I just let that sound fill my head. I’m weird, but I love it.

  • So, I have been looking to leave a note on the new configuration. I like so much about it! It’s lively, it’s fun, and it’s celebratory in a way that many of us really need lately. Thank you!

    But. . . .I find it really hard to maneuver through. I read you on Fridays, mostly, and in the past I’d start at the bottom post and work my way up, clicking on each link, until I’d read all your posts (letters). Now, however, I am, as my beloved Pennsylvania Dutch grandmother would say, fuhuddled. I have no idea where various posts are, I don’t know what’s been changed where, and I have a terrible, sneaking, junior-high-like feeling that there are parties happening that I am missing out on!

    I’d love to see the letters made easier to access (once again) and then some kind of indicator when a category has gotten a new post. Or something.

    Or maybe I’m just wishing a lot of things would go back to the way they were. Anyway. Thanks for the comment box, and thanks for the joyous vibe!

    • I miss the chronological way, too. Fortunately, I am an RSS subscriber and still get everything in order, though it’s become too much to keep up with. Even if you don’t use an RSS reader, you can still look at https://www.moderndailyknitting.com/feed/ which has recent posts in a dated list.