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Sometimes I forget that I have a virtual library of patterns I’ve bought yet never knit. I just realized I have a lot of cool patterns already teed up.

You know that wide-open-horizon feeling? I’m sitting here with a batch of random yarns. So fun to sit with a bunch of varying weights, colors, and fibers and figure out what works with which pattern.

Contender No. 1: Almost Ovals

Anne Hanson‘s Almost Ovals is a 400 yarder, using laceweight yarn, so even though the pattern is a little twisty, it ends soon enough. And what a graceful, modern lace pattern.


(photo by Anne Hanson)

Contender No. 2: Annisa Wrap

(photo by Ambah O’Brien)

I’ve got three fingering weight yarns in hand that would be great for this. Ambah O’Brien has all kinds of asymmetrical patterns available here. This one, Annisa, has all the action that you want in an asymmetrical scarf, but not too much. And bonus: a long, sweet swath of two-row garter stitch stripes. So juicy to knit those skinny stripes, especially because one of my yarns is a little . . . specklicious.

Contender No. 3: ZickZack Scarf

(photo by Christy Kamm)

Christy Kamm’s ZickZack Scarf really scratches that Missoni itch. She uses two Lang colorways to get all this color mixing. Not sure I have the right wack mix of yarns on hand to make this sing. Then again, I’ve used random yarns in the past with some luck. Hmmm. Take a look at the 2,168 ZickZacks made so far. So fantastic.

The only problem: which one should I make next?

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  • Like these! I’ve done Zick Zack…………fun!

  • Here is my WIP…

    • Those colors are so rich and yummy. Excellent choice of yarn. Congratulations!

    • Mona, I love the colors that you are using for your zickzack scarf!! Please post a photo when you finish it!

    • Mona, that is so gorgeous. Loving the way all those colors play together!

  • Here’s mine:
    Made for our second daughter’s 40th birthday.

    • Beautiful!

  • I have this pattern as well, I had forgotten it. Thank you for sharing!
    Next to do .

  • Make the ZickZack Scarf. I love mine beyond reason.

  • ZicZack as a scarf, and again as a shawl. Both in Noro Silk Garden sock yarn, which I think does a great job in any color!

  • thank you ann! almost ovals remains one of my favorite knits too; the original yarn from sweetgeorgia was the nicest cashmere i’ve ever knit with, making plump, yet silky oval cables; SO pretty!

  • I’ve made many ZickZacks because it’s mindl and can’t real make a mistake. Standing in line makes it bearable. I can use any self striping yarn I’ve bought the best from you and everyone loves thems. Always comes out pretty.

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