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Yesterday I washed and blocked a new Honey Cowl. MadTosh Sport, 300 stitches, in a color called Whisker that really is reminiscent of a 5 o’clock shadow. (Do people still say “5 o’clock shadow” in this bearded age? Is it still a thing? As one gets older, does this kind of  uncertainty plague one’s entire vocabulary?)

Today I cast on another Honey Cowl. MadTosh DK, 260 stitches, in a steely pale blue whose label I tossed too quickly.

My notebook records that I cast on my fifth Honey Cowl in February 2012. I have not kept track as the numbers mounted. Doing some rough projections, I think I’ve knit at least 30 of them.

I know it looks like a failure of imagination, knitting so many repeats of the same pattern, but hear me out.

The Honey Cowl is perfect for subway knitting, which I do a lot of. I can even knit a Honey Cowl in the movies, although sometimes I have to wait for a brightly lit scene to check where I am in the slip one, purl one sequence. So there’s ease of knitting.


The finished object is a wonderful accessory. It’s chic and warm when double-looped around the neck, and it drapes beautifully when you let it hang down. It’s practical, because it won’t slip off your neck when you un-double it when you go into a warm shop or packed train. People not only act delighted to receive one, but I see them wearing them often. So. I keep knitting them. Although I always have other projects on the go, rarely are they as supremely portable or giftable as the Honey Cowl.


  • I too have knit dozens of them…. seriously given a honey cowl to every one i love.

  • Casting one on this very weekend. Quintessential ‘mindless’ knit.

  • I have the whiskers color in laceweight and right now I’m knitting my third honey cowl in Mad Tosh Lepidoptra…don’t ask me what that means. It is a pretty red-rose-purple color and it is meant to go around my neck. Because I’m being selfish like that.

  • I doesn’t matter how many you knit as long as you and those who receive it truly enjoy it. Keep cowling.

  • Where does one get the pattern?

    • Check Ravelry. It’s Honey Cowl by Madeline Tosh, a free download.

  • How do I order this pattern?

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