Indigo Dye Kit

By Stony Creek Colors


The quickest route possible to 100% natural indigo dyeing. The good folks at Stony Creek Colors have spent a ton of time figuring out an environmentally clean, speedy way to create your very own indigo vat. You are going to love this little kit—you’ll soon be turning stuff gorgeous indigo blue, right in the comfort of your own home.


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The ancient tradition of indigo dyeing remains one of the most magical arts. But creating an indigo vat can be a process that calls for love, patience, attention—and time.

This little kit makes indigo dyeing easy—perfect for first-time dyeing at home. The instructions are simple and clear, and the kit includes all the ingredients you’ll need. Just add a five-gallon bucket and a bunch of clothing or fabric you’d like to turn blue.

Stony Creek Colors is a Tennessee company founded with the belief that dyes can be created from plants without compromises in safety and ease. Their story is really inspiring—have a look to see how they’ve grown their mission to provide plant-based color at a large scale, to clothing manufacturers, with dyes made 100 percent from plants, grown in collaboration with family farms. At the core of it all is climate-positive, sustainable, restorative farming.