Painting Calm: Connect to Nature Through the Art of Watercolor

By Inga Buividavice


Begin your watercolor journey from a place of calm curiosity, thanks to this exquisite guide from the talented artist Inga Buividavice. Full of help, tips, techniques, and most of all: inspiration. Inga’s joy is infectious—scroll down to read her encouraging words.

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We really love Inga Buividavice’s approach. She writes: “With this book, I want to inspire you to pick up a brush and get into a calm, meditative place with no fear of failure, only mindfulness and connection. I will share my knowledge gained from years of studying art, working in design and painting, so that you feel that I’ve got your back when things might seem challenging. Most importantly, I want you to enjoy all the amazing benefits painting can bring to your wellbeing, particularly when focusing on the natural world around you.”