Mitered Square Blanket

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne


Knitters love this pattern because it’s a blast to knit up a pile of miters, and the resulting blanket is stunning. Stash-buster supreme.

Please note: this pattern is provided in digital PDF format only.

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Miters are one of the most addictive of knitting pleasures. Someday scientists will confirm that knitting a miter floods the brain with endorphins, which would explain a lot.

The most fun part of this blanket is playing with colors. We encourage you to throw out the color wheel, forget your favorite colors, and give not a thought to what would “go with” the sofa. Get a big bag of mercerized cotton in lots of colors, and start putting them together.

If you need a rule to make the choices easier, make it a rule that avoids thinking about “coordinating.” Try dividing your colors into a pile of “juicy” colors and a pile of “blah” colors, then randomly choose one from each pile for each miter. Or a pile of lights and a pile of darks, a pile of brights and a pile of pastels.

If you come to a knot in the skein or run out of one of your colors, take it as an opportunity to change colors in an unexpected spot. Choose another color from the same pile, and continue knitting. This will add that touch of irregularity that our eyes love because it provides from the rigor of the pattern. Joining up all the squares will turn you into a master of mattress stitch. Lean in!