Via Veneto Table Runner

By Cristina Bernardi Shiffman


The Via Veneto Table Runner showcases the sterling qualities of linen–durability, heft, and crispness–and yields up a dining-room heirloom that future generations will fight over.

Please note: this pattern is provided in digital PDF format only.

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The Via Veneto table runner is the result of Cristina Shiffman’s mad-scientist tinkering with the DNA of the table runner. That stitch the looks like weaving? It is weaving. You drop a stitch all the way down the runner, and then weave a contrasting yarn (we used linen, but coarse twine would be nice), potholder-loom style, back through the ladders of the dropped stitch. So simple, and such a nice break from, you know, knitting.

This runner would look great in many plant-based yarns, or combinations of yarns. Linen is a practical choice for the table because it washes and dries beautifully, and lasts for millennia.