Bubbly Curtain

By Ann Shayne


A modern, breezy window treatment in pure linen.

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There are far too few knitted curtains in the world. That’s our feeling, anyway: why should knitters let crocheters and lace-makers have all the curtain fun?

The Bubbly Curtain is an unfussy but cheerful window treatment. It’s sized for a small window, but because the repeat is so small, it’s easy to customize. Measure your window and add or subtract repeats of the lace pattern to reach desired size. The pattern charts out the knitted bubbles, because that’s what patterns do. But once you get into the rhythm of making the bubbles, you are free to let go of the chart and just make eyelet holes that gradually get rarer as you near the top of the curtain, like bubbles in a flute of champagne.

This is one of those times when it is of crucial importance to make a swatch, and to wash and dry the swatch before measuring the swatch. Knit the curtain a bit shorter than the window to account for the pull of gravity on the curtain. If your curtain ends up a bit too long, you can fix it by unraveling rows from the top and reworking the last rows before binding off.