Baby Kimono

By Cristina Bernardi Shiffman


Three thousand Ravelers can’t be wrong. We are still in love with this cleverly constructed, darling baby kimono by Cristina Shiffman.

Please note: this pattern is provided in digital PDF format only.

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All you need to know at the start is how to 1) cast on, 2) knit (purling is optional), and 3) bind off. This one-piece baby kimono is an ideal project for a beginner, because in the course of the project, you will learn how to do a make one (M1) and yarn over (yo) increase. This will make you feel like an expert if it’s new to you. Even if you’re not a beginner, it’s fun to construct an entire garment in a single piece. Only two seams to sew, and it’s done. And did we mention that it’s cheap?

People are always saying that it doesn’t matter how much a gift costs, but this is one of the rare instances in which that it actually true. We used Peaches & Creme cotton. It will cost you more to wrap it. Yet there couldn’t be a cuter, or more tender, gift to welcome a newborn.

We get a special thrill out of making something so perfect and elegant out of a humble dishcloth cotton. But this tiny garment is a lily that you can gild as much or as little as you like. If you feel a strong urge to spend a bit more dough and make this little wrapper in cashmere, linen, or mercerized cotton, go ahead. So little yarn is required that you cannot break the bank, try as you might.