New Ancestral Christmas Stocking Pattern

By Ann Shayne


It’s the pattern that has launched hundreds of jolly stockings to mantels all across the land—now updated for MDK Atlas.

Make it as written, or make it your own. Argyle freak? All stripes? We’re knocked out by the way knitters have had fun playing with this pattern.

Please note: this pattern is provided in digital PDF format only.

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To help you start your own Christmas tradition, one of the most evergreen patterns from our second book. The New Ancestral Christmas Stocking came into Ann’s life many years ago as a tattered photocopy of a mimeograph of a cuneiform stone-incised recipe for an oversized stocking, complete with intarsia image of a lumpy Santa.

Ann filled in all washed-out parts, deciphered many handwritten notes from unknown relatives, and redesigned her family’s treasured stocking for the Modern Age of Christmas.

What we love about this stocking:

Capacity. You can cram a lot of Toblerones and horehound candy in this baby. The leg is long and the toe is virtually bottomless. This hardworking sock is not just for decoration; it’s for cargo.

Tradition. Lumpy Santa is gone, but there’s no mistaking the Christmasyness. Snowflakes! Elf stripes! Argyles (for your preppy elves)!

Modernity. The lines are clean and the font for the duplicate-stitched name is simple and unadorned. Classy!