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Véronik Avery

Knitwear designer · Montreal, Quebec

Véronik Avery brings her background in sewing to her work as a handknit designer. As in fashion, she always begins with a sketch, a shape, an idea—and it can take anywhere from a day to a pile of swatches to get what she wants. Her point of view is consistently modern and unexpected, and her work as a staff designer with Brooklyn Tweed is celebrated for its inventive, meticulous style. She lives in Montreal but does her best yarn shopping at Rhinebeck.

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Contributions From Véronik Avery

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High-tech software and old-school swatching: how a sweater idea becomes a knitting pattern.

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A Véronik Avery Dreamworld

Picking six favorites from this designer's trove of work is no easy task.

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