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Dear Kay,

My mission was to give you a concise list of my favorite Véronik Avery patterns. You know, What I’d Be Knitting Now If I Weren’t Banging Out a Hadley (Which Is A Véronik Avery Design).

Well, there went an afternoon.

Véronik has created hundreds of patterns. I figured, hey, I’ll weed out the weirdies, the curiosities from 13 years ago, the dated silhouettes, her take on the mermaid blanket and the knitted uterus. That’ll cull it down.

Well, not really. First of all, there’s a complete lack of anatomical knitting in Véronik’s portfolio, and a shocking absence of mermaid blanket patterns.

To spend time in Véronikland is to enter a calm, timeless place where all the sweaters are interesting. If there’s a knitwear designer with a higher batting average, I don’t know who it is. She’s inventive with textures, shapes, construction. If you catch her thinking about a silhouette more than once, you quickly discover that it’s not the same sweater at all.

What follows are six of her designs that I absolutely adore. I’d call them my favorite six except that I’d probably pick another list entirely tomorrow, and they’d be every bit as gorgeous as these. On a day when I hope you’re doing nothing much, here’s a Véronik Avery reverie for you.

Spinnaker: Made this. Want another one.
Bauhin: Airy, filmy, everything lovely.
Helene: I usually avoid lace pullovers. This is the exception.
Pleated Chevrons: So very pleated.
Pinion: Intarsia mittens? Where have you been all my life?
Wake: We should all wear Wakes, every day.

Wishing you all a peaceful weekend.





  • Oh… I have WAKE in my library, and too much Loft in just the right color (from a failed project). Thanks for highlighting these lovely, stylish AND Classic (!) designs.

  • Lovely!! (The Hadley link near the bottom doesn’t link to the pattern.)

    • The Hadley pattern is part of MDK Field Guide No. 2, a collection of four patterns not sold individually.

  • And what is the name of the beautiful sweater at the top of the post, please?

    • That’s Feather–there’s a link at the very bottom of the post. Isn’t it cool?

  • How are there only 17 projects for Spinnaker?! It’s so classic and flattering. Bumping that up in my queue.

  • I knitted her Zipped Vest for my husband years ago. Definitely a classic.

  • I knit a Wake that I wear almost every day.

  • Can you recommend a FIRST sweater pattern? I’m tired of knitting dishcloths and scarves.
    Thanks for all you do!

  • Once the hot flashes subside, I might consider a pullover for me again. . . Till then, it’s either cardigans or stuff for other people!

    • I agree so much. I love the look of pullovers but just looking at them makes me hot, and not in a good way.

  • I like that her yarns and models come in a variety of colors…..sort of like our world.

  • I have Veronik’s book Knitting Classic Style, and think every knitter should have a copy. I’m not sure why it is so underrated. All 35 patterns are keepers!

  • I just might need the Wake.

  • Trailhead!! A wonderful pattern-grandpa cardigan with somme great details and shape. The pockets alone make it worth knitting.I’m wearing it right now!

  • Sharing your love of Veronik Avery. One of the things she does so well is add a pop of color at the cast off / on.

  • I need Wake in my life. Feather too. (for starters) Thanks for sharing. Now I’m headed to Veronik’s website. Happy Saturday Night browsing.

  • dang!I have a pile of navy blue tweedy yarn of dubious origins that add up to the amount ofyardage I need for a Spinnaker and MAN do I want to knit that sweater!!!!

  • Laid out flat I don’t necessarily appreciate VA’s stuff, but it’s irresistable when you see it worn. Why did I never think of horizontal lace before?

  • My favorite Veronik Avery design is Marcel’s Sweater, from an old Interweave Knits. It is a pullover with a high neck and an all over arrowhead pattern that somehow makes its edges ruffle slightly. The IK sweater is a gorgeous acid-y green in Jo Sharp worsted.

  • Such beautiful patterns! I dream of knitting Wake for me!

  • My favorite Veronik Avery design is Notre Dame de Grace, also from an old Interweave. Someday I’ll hve the confidence to attempt it!

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