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Dear knitter,

Welcome to your Saturday!

It’s happening! Early copies of MDK Field Guide No. 26, with designs by inimitable Iceland treasure Hélène Magnússon have started shipping to subscribers. If you’re a 2024 subscriber to the MDK Field Guides, watch your email for your shipping notification, which will include your download of the full ebook edition of Field Guide No. 26. That’s what we call a juicy sneak peek!

To join the happy throng of sneaky peekers, subscribe to the 2024 Field Guides. We’ll get your early copy in the mail—and your ebook edition sent to you immediately! Subscribers never pay full price in the MDK Shop—read all about the benefits of subscribing here. It’s a great deal, and a great way of supporting what you love, including your Snippets on Saturday.

January Surprise

Have you heard? Our friends at Knit Stars are releasing our Season 3 masterclass, The Secrets of Knitting Happiness, as a freestanding, single class. For a limited time, the class will be available at a special introductory price via our affiliate link. (MDK receives a commission on purchases through our affiliate link.)

We’ve met so many like-minded knitters in the Knit Stars world, and we are delighted that our knitting secrets have helped knitters on their journey to knitting happiness. Knitting is supposed to be fun!

Meanwhile . . .

We had a big time on MDK this week.

Watch your mailbox—and your email inbox—the new Field Guide is shipping out to subscribers!

Get to know Hélène Magnússon, the powerhouse designer of forthcoming MDK Field Guide No. 26. Jillian Moreno’s fascinating profile will give you a hint of why we’re so excited about what’s just ahead.

A tasty treat: series originator Gale Zucker guides us on a Knitter’s Weekend in folksy, arty Beacon, New York.

Adrienne Martini is taking baby steps into a bullet journaling practice that works for her. (Nice pens help a lot.)

Samantha Brunson’s editorial beat covers all kinds of making—and that includes making a brand-new business: a yarn bodega in the Bronx.

DG Strong is taking a gamble on a new Sam Spade detective series set in France of all places.

As ever, we thank you all for supporting MDK through thick and thin. Every morning, we bring the best writers, teachers, and knitting to you, free of charge. This is only possible because of your purchases from the MDK Shop—thank you!

Questions? Email us anytime at, and you’ll get a prompt personal response from a real live MDK person.

Stay healthy, take care of each other, and knit on.


Ann and Kay

Field Guide 26 Is Coming Soon

We’re thrilled with knitters’ response to our happy announcement about Hélène Magnússon—there is a lot of knitterly love for her and all things Icelandic.

If you haven’t yet, it’s time to subscribe to the MDK Field Guides for 2024. So many benefits, including 10% savings on every MDK full-price item—and MDK events and workshops—all year long. And you’ll have our deep gratitude for supporting everything that MDK does.

Made in Atlas

Have you seen the latest independent design featuring MDK Atlas? It’s a beauty! Atlas Cove by Megan Gonzalez is a sassy tunic-length pullover. Strategic splashes of slipped stitches make it fun to knit and a versatile wardrobe builder. Plus: it has pockets!

Your Journal, Your Way

We recommend the online course that made keeping a journal a joyful mainstay of our lives: Felicity Ford’s self-paced bullet journaling course. Use MDK’s affiliate link and this code: MODERNDAILYKNITSONIK—to enroll for 10 percent off! (Thanks, Felix!)

Did you miss our Zoom with Felix? Fear not: here’s the recording.

Need a journal? As promised, we’ve got new colors of the Felix-approved bullet journal, the mighty Leuchtturm 1917, right here.

Favorite Tools

Our tools are on point! Refined essentials that are functional and pretty at the same time—tested and approved by all of us here at MDK.

We Get Letters

“Thank you for each post, each pattern, each how-to, each what to watch, recipe, explanation why things get wonky and where to travel and let’s not even forget about the gnome sensation you have kickstarted! MDK enhances my daily life.”

“How wonderful it is that you give us subscribers both the gorgeous hard copy + digital versions without an extra expense (plus the 10% off purchases)! 

I have all the FGs loaded onto my iPad for traveling or a quick lookup. But nothing beats getting to read the hard copy. Perfect size, amazing content, gorgeous photography, excellent design/print quality.”


  • Usually I wait too log, “trying to decide” whether or not to purchase one of your kits, and then of course they have all been decided on by other knitters. This time, I used by code as a subscriber and just ordered the bundle of Plutolopi for the throw. While I have a number of other projects waiting to be finished (and I still haven’t even started the Kikimariko Rug I have your kit for! even though I love it!), at least I just got some good use out of by subscription discount and look forward to kitting Helene’s beautiful blanket. Blankets do take some time (I have knitted two), but I think they last way longer than apparel — even handed down at least two generations– so may be worth the effort and time. And someday, what I spent on the kit will seem paltry. It’s going to be a beautiful experience.

    • *long, not log. Though I guess procrastinating is kind of loggy.

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