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Every Field Guide needs a bite-sized project to whet our appetite. For MDK Field Guide No. 22: Grace, the answer is in two skeins of Neighborhood Fiber Company’s light, luxurious Suri Loft that happened to be sitting on Joji Locatelli’s desk during one of our early design Zooms. Joji loved the yarn, a gift from Baltimore dyer Karida Collins, and knew exactly what she wanted to do with those two precious balls.

The Fancy Beanie has it all. It’s luxurious, but small in size and modest in its demands. The delicate haze of Suri Loft blurs a simple stranded check pattern in a way that makes this most basic of patterns not basic at all. In fact, it’s fancy. The stranding of the yarn gives the fabric two layers of heft, and two layers of warmth.

The Fancy Beanie is a quick enough knit to make a very special gift, and so easy that it can be your TV knitting—if you can take your eyes off the yarn.

The Yarn

We love Suri Loft’s mix of fibers—baby Suri alpaca, Merino wool, and silk. And we love the way it feels, supremely soft and lofty. It makes a Fancy Beanie feel very warm, very cozy—and with Karida Collins doing the hand dyeing, the colors are rich and saturated.

The Fancy Beanie Bundle pairs two colors of Suri Loft with a choice of three colorways:






Big Fun Ahead

Our knitalong for MDK Field Guide No. 22: Grace begins October 10. We hope you’ll join us for some fine fall knitting with Joji.

We Zoomed with Joji!

Here is a link to the recording. A good time was had by all—and if you watch, you’ll discover an Easter egg coupon code good through Sunday.


  • Comment!

  • This is a question—is that pompon as soft as it looks?

  • Love the Flamingo version!

    • Me too. Gorgeous pink!

  • I got the kit in Bluebird— I am a huge fan of Neighborhood Fiber Co, which I blame entirely on MDK for introducing me way back when via the Sommerfeld shawl. I have used their Suri yarn once before, to make a YesSuri Cowl, and it is so snuggly and warm.

    Trying to restrain myself to wait til 10/10 to cast on for the Knitalong is too hard!!

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