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How did she do that?

It’s a question we ask often when looking at the designs of Olga Buraya-Kefelian. Her fascination with three-dimensional knitting has led her to create all manner of knitting that defies easy explanation.

The thing is, these very cool designs come together quickly. Olga is such a meticulous pattern writer that when we say to trust the pattern, we’re not kidding. Do what Olga tells us to do, and all will be well!

We’ve already been noodling around with two of the designs from the new Field Guide No. 24: Spark.

The Tendril Necklace

A single i-cord splits into two i-cords. A few rows of knitting later, the i-cords resolve back into one. With a quick dropping of stitches, an airy openwork crescent emerges, and voilà: you’ve just knitted yourself a necklace.

Olga imagines this in Rowan Creative Linen, for that summery, minimalist vibe. We have a dozen colors in the Shop for creating the Tendril Necklace wardrobe of your dreams.

She also suggests Spincycle Dream State, which can go as subtle or wild as you like.

This is Salty Dog, one of the mildest Dream State colors. Our 13 options in the MDK Shop can take your Tendril Necklace in all sorts of directions. All that neutral linen in your wardrobe is begging for a zingy Tendril.

I want to say that it took an hour to make this necklace. Maybe two. It’s just a perfect example of what happens when Olga plays around with the simplest of knits and purls. Superfun.

The Fortune Teller Cuff

Named for those paper fortune tellers we all made as kids, this soft textile bracelet is the sort of thing that sent Kay off on a knitterly detour that left her declaring, “Wow! That’s amazing!”

The secret to the pointiness may have to do with the Chromium yarn, a Neighborhood Fiber Co. yarn with a bit of stainless in the blend, held with Neighborhood Fiber Co. Organic Studio Sock.

We’ve got MDK-exclusive yarn bundles for this—a skein of each is plenty to make a Fortune Teller Cuff and also the small Penrose Tote, another of Olga’s puzzlers in this new Field Guide.

Small pleasures, quick puzzles, beautiful ideas—the playfulness at the heart of Olga’s work is something we can all tap into. We hope you’re having fun with this new Field Guide.


  • Very clever knitting indeed.

  • I fell in love at first sight with the Tendril necklace when I received my field guide! I really got inspired during the Zoom meeting with Olga. I am so embarrassed to say that I am having trouble splitting into two i-cords! It’s probably taking me longer to figure this out than it take most people to knit the whole project! I am a visual learner. So, I’m sure that’s the problem!
    I am hoping there might be a little video along the way that might help. I’m not giving up! I’m determined to have a treasure box full of necklaces in every yarn MDK offers!! BTW, this field guide is brilliant!! The field guides really reflect the inclusive culture of MDK! Field guides go from Beginnings to Spark with very provocative designs that take me out of my comfort zone both for its knitting and wardrobe options!

    • Ditto!

  • I’m picturing a Tendril embellished with beads….or maybe displaying a few of my fancy sparkling stitch markers….hmmm!

    • Beads! Now there’s a creative and appropriate application of them. Thanks for the fun idea. I’m surprised at myself being so interested in making one of these necklaces, but that’s the joy of being open to the creativity that comes from these Field Guides.

      • I’m having trouble at the Beg Fork section, too. At Row 2, I’m on the RSv somehow. What am I missing?

    • Oh, yes! Beads.

  • I like peak-a-boo sleeves. It would be nice to see the tendril necklace some how made into peak-a-boo sleeves on the sweater.

    • Personally I’ve been wearing my Tendril as a tiara. ROYALS . . .

      • If you made a Tendril out of one of Habu’s stainless-steel-blend yarns, it could stand up like a real tiara! Hmm . . . what would the Fortune Teller cuff look like if made of that kind of yarn?

  • This necklace is really what jumped out at me from this field guide. I am going to attempt to make a few of them in different colors and types of yarn.
    Also, I really appreciate these guides. Not every single one speaks to me immediately, but I love looking and sitting with them and being inspired. Thank you for introducing me to different designers that I would probably never look at otherwise.

  • Ooh I think I have some Habu stainless somewhere. This winter if I calm down enough from my current projects I may unearth it and go with a two-toned (or marled, depending on gauge) version of the Tendril necklace.

  • Is there a video to help with the Tendril Necklace? Mine isn’t looking like it should & im having trouble sorting out the problem. Thanks.

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