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Dear Kay,

I’ve got the big summer camp nostalgia right now, thinking about the gathering of 70 crochet bucket hat makers that happened on Friday.

It was so fun! Our MDK Summer Camp was so 2022, so Zoomy.

Maybe we can’t all climb on the camp bus and head out to some farm in the country, but it turns out that we can hop on a Zoom together and collectively hang out at the Craft Hut in the sky.

We were fully caffeinated.

To be clear, my crochet bucket hat remains pretty much conceptual at this point.

It looks like a thimble. But it wasn’t our craft counselor’s fault. Cristina Shiffman did a beautiful job talking us through the basics of crochet, and if I’d done increases the way she explained, I’d have a bucket hat at this point.

I was too busy visiting—really fun to hang out with Peggy, Hope, Jacquie, Jennifer, Lynn, Pam, Acris, Mia, Vicki, Jen, and Kristin in the breakout rooms.

Thanks to everybody who came to MDK Summer Camp—I hope your bucket hats are coming together.

We’re already at work on our next virtual gathering. If you have an idea for something you’d like to learn online with us, please leave a comment.

A recent article cracked me up when a guy declared, “Pickleball will save us all.” He’s not even joking. For me, I have the same feeling about knitting, and making, and figuring out ways to be together. Knitting will save us all. See? That’s a sentence that makes total sense to me.



PS If you’d like to try your hand at the MDK crochet bucket hat, you’ll find the pattern right here, along with a quick little video explaining how to get started. And the yarn you’ll need, a skein of Rowan Creative Linen, is here in a rainbow of a dozen shades.


  • Great T-shirt. Knitting will save us all! White lettering on multiple color shirts.

    • Forgot to mention that I have at least 5-7 knitting tshirts. These include gnomes, yarn, and assorted sheep. Great for knitting meetings, yarn crawls, and group knitting. Knitting = fun.

  • Such a fun time, and I got to meet Ann and Kay as well as Jen Geigley! Which was perfect as I had a question about converting her Cider Mill pattern into a cardigan.

    I’d really love a workshop on making the loop potholders. I’ve always seen them as a “kid craft” but I think it might be nice to play with that a little.

    • Loved hanging out with you for a bit!

    • I’d love a Cider Mill cardigan too! Did she suggest a steek? Maybe Jen can share her insights in a blog post.

      • I’m planning to steek this, since I got some good experience with the Daytripper cardigan. Just waiting for my Atlas to arrive!

  • I had a great time. I wish there had been examples of what it should look like after completing each section, so I’d know if I was on track. Hoping I’m making the right size. I have a tiny head and have gone down a crochet hook size. I’d like someone to show me how to fix Fisherman’s rib, when you need to redo a stitch.

  • I never thought I’d be saying this but along with knitting I too believe Pickleball will save us all. Living in strange times,for sure! Xox

  • how did I miss the MDK Summer Camp????

    • This is also what I am wondering! Although probably I did notice it and blocked it out of my brain because it was a day I really really couldn’t

      • It sold out pretty quickly!

  • How about a knit sun hat? Crochet hurts my knuckles

    • I agree!

  • Looking forward to the next one! Will there be a patch?

  • I loved summer camp! Thanks for the memories. (And project bag + patch!) Still working away on my hat.

  • I would love a camp day learning to crochet granny squares. Last Friday was the first time I’ve crocheted in decades. Finished my bucket hat Sunday morning. It was a lovely change from knitting.

    • yes to granny squares please. would love to bust my stash with a granny square afghan like my mama’s.

  • Embrace the crochet! When I taught kids to knit I taught them crochet at the same time – knit stitch, purl stitch, single crochet, double crochet. Always holding the yarn in the left hand made the two crafts seem naturally related.

  • I loved the camp experience and making the hat! My first real crochet experience- I’m hooked!

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