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Dear Ann,

Jinx! We’re both knitting the Kos Neckwarmer right now. This is a fairly rare occurrence, but when it happens, I feel like all is right with the world. After all, when we first virtually waved at each other on ye olde Rowan message board, around the time of The Canterbury Tales, we were knitting the same cardigan (Deco, by Amanda Griffiths). They may have discontinued the yarn (Linen Drape), but we’re still here.

Thanks for your timely tips on making the Kos Neckwarmer. I’d like to think that I would have realized that the decreases that are marked on the colorwork chart have to be made every pattern repeat—all 16 of them—but you made sure that I did realize that.

Here’s an unscientific belief that I believe: an easy colorwork pattern actually knits up faster than plain stockinette. There is something about the rhythm of these sweet hearts that makes me go faster.

I love all the color variations we’re seeing from knitters in the Kos Neckwarmer knitalong. And I love this yarn, Norwegian Wool.

I asked the team at MDK World Headquarters to pick out a palette for me, and what a surprise, they gave me blues!  I feel seen.

Norwegian Wool in Coastal Fjord (A), Wind Chime (B), Mountain Green (C), and Daphne (D).

It’s so well behaved. My Kos-in-progress was a curvy, curly wad of wool until I applied exactly one minute of steam, and then the stitches all straightened themselves up beautifully. The fabric is a double layer of lightweight warmth, floaty yet substantial.

She looked cold.

The minty fresh palette was perfect for the first snowy day we’ve had this year in NYC.

Parallel Dickie Universes

Thanks to Scandinavian childhoods, this is not Arne & Carlos’s first rodeo when it comes to dickies. If you’ve laid in some Norwegian Wool for the Setesdal Hat or Kos Neckwarmer, you’re likely to have some beautiful leftovers. I would like to put in a good word for adding to your dickie archive with one of these beautiful warmers. (The titles are links to


I love the square shape and geometric motifs of this free pattern. The sample used 3 balls of Ribbon Red and 1 ball of Cloud Dancer.


Different yarn—Rowan Felted Tweed—but same gauge! Theo’s stylized florals are distinctive and spring-y. This is the dickie to wear with your Easter bonnet, or to set a proper seasonal tone at the Passover seder. The pattern takes 2 balls of Felted Tweed in one color, 1 ball in a second color, and less than 100 yards of 2 accent colors. And of course, you could easily make the switch to Norwegian Wool, for more Norwegianness.

Year of the Tiger

This beautiful wearable, also in Norwegian Wool, dials the Arne & Carlos up to 11. It’s stunning, and so fun: it has tiger stripes on the back. Needless to say, it will go with everything.

Prepare your leftovers!



Photos: Rowan and Arne & Carlos


  • I see an entire wardrobe of these dickies in my future. They will be in the north Florida sweater drawer.

    • I mean why wouldn’t you want to take part in a Dickie Along? The title alone makes me smile. “I’m in a Dickie Along” “I’m doing a Dickie Along” Pure joy & laughter

  • I love the colors in your Kos. Good work MDK team!

  • I saw first hand early in my knitting life how fast someone could knit a stranded pattern. She was going lickety-split around a sweater all the while talking away as if her fingers were just petting a cat, It looked like a magic trick. It wasn’t until much later that I realized she had probably memorized the repetition.

  • Beautiful.

  • I totally agree that patterns work up faster than garter or stockinette patterns! AND I find myself making more mistakes (you know those tricky regular decrease/increase instructions!) when there’s no pattern.

    • Yes, it’s self-correcting! I really need that in my life.

  • Yup. Stockinette drags on and on, but colorwork knits fast! The “just one more round” song becomes a motivating ear worm that can’t be denied. So much fun!

  • Not generally a fan of dickies, but definitely a believer that more is more. Year of the Tiger!! Wowza. How have I missed this?

  • Oh Hoolah. Off to dickie ville we willingly go.

  • The Kos didn’t do anything for me, but that Jaeger made me sit up & take notice! I really like the shape with the colorwork, & I appreciate the free pattern inclusion

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