Announcing: The Great Dickie-along

By Ann Shayne
March 7, 2023

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  • The hats are BEAUTIFUL!!! The grand prize winner is so clever!! CONGRATULATIONS ALL!!!!

  • Until I saw that this is Arnie/Carlos’ preferred name, I wondered why a cowl was a dickie but the Swarf could not be one. Ok. Got it now.

  • Congratulations to the winners, beautiful works!

  • Yeay! I started my Kos neckwarmer/dickie last night 🙂 I added a couple extra rows at the start to be sure it will be a shoulder warmer. And congrats to the hat-along winners – such beautiful work!

  • Hi Ann and Kay! This is not about dickies, but is about my joy over Atlas Peat yarn, the mushroom risotto recipe, and the book “Unraveling”. I am enjoying them all at once, and had to thank you! Long distance hugs from Lisa V.

  • Congratulations to the winners! I need to order more yarn for the dickie… I’ve been wanting to make one, thanks to Arne and Carlos talking them up.

  • Hooray to the Setesdal hat KAL winners catherine-pa, Bocce, and Caseywagnet! I am utterly gobsmacked to learn I won all 23 of the field guides for my Rosy hat ala Setesdal KAL mash up! The yarn was a dream to knit and duplicate stitch with… I might just have to cast on a dickie now and gift it to my snow-bound friends! What fun to sit and knit all around the world with y’all, thanks MDK, Arne & Carlos!

  • Congratulations to all! I hope to complete the Kos Neckwarmer using the beautiful Norwegian wool.

  • Interesting. I would call it a cowl. In other places a dickie is a small item; a false front with a turtle neck worn under clothing to mimic having a real turtle neck or mock turtle neck. I love them because they keep my neck warm without having to wear a whole extra layer. They are very hard to find now, I’m afraid.

  • The dickie is a pointless garment, as horrible as it’s name — finish your sweater! I can’t forgive Arne and Carlos.