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Dear Kay,

We are just now concluding the fantastic knitalong that stars the Setesdal Hat. (Please stay tuned for the giving of prizes, everybody who posted a photo on Instagram or in the Lounge.)

My hope is that everybody who jumped in on the Setesdal Hat feels as energized as I am by all the collective wisdom, joy, and sharing that we just experienced. So I’m declaring a new knitalong where we can all continue the fun with a new Arne & Carlos project.

Here it is: the Kos Neckwarmer.

This snuggler is a highlight of Field Guide No. 23: Glow.

We call this a neckwarmer. But Arne & Carlos are stalwart believers in the traditional name for the accessory they love.

It’s a dickie.

In Norway, dickies are a familiar part of winter attire. They’re clever. They’re snuggly. They provide a lot of bang for a fairly small amount of knitting. They can be as solemn or wacky as you want.

Rowan Norwegian Wool in Peat (2 balls) and 1 ball each of Ribbon Red, Cloud Dancer, and Emerald

The Project

Veterans of the Setesdal Hat Knitalong, this project uses the skills you just used for your hat.

The Kos Neckwarmer is knit in the round with two-color stranding. The design calls for Rowan Norwegian Wool.

We’ve got 14 Norwegian Wool colors over in the Shop.

If there’s one thing we learned with the Setesdal Hat knitalong, it’s that you all really love to play around with color. This dickie is obviously a fine canvas for whatever experiments you want to do. Here’s what I’m talking about: a totally different take.

Rowan Norwegian Wool in Cappuccino (2 balls) and 1 ball each of Frost, Mountain, and Vanilla Custard

How to Get In On The Great Dickie-along

The pattern: Get it here, as part of Field Guide No. 23: Glow. Print and ebook editions available. Check out the Ravelry page with yarn and needle requirements right here.

The yarn: Rowan Norwegian Wool. Choose from 14 Norwegian Wool colors right here. Or, as with all our knitalongs, feel free to use your own yarn.

The schedule: Knitalong will run through April 7, at which point we’ll have a new adorable dickie to get us through whatever wacky weather Spring 2023 throws at us.


Hang out with fellow Kos Neckwarmer friends in the MDK Lounge, right here, for tips, help, and sharing.

Prizes? Of Course

We love to see your progress on social media! Take photos of your dickie in progress and post on Instagram or the MDK Lounge, and tag them with #arnecarlos and #moderndailyknitting. We’ll be randomly awarding $50 MDK gift cards to three knitters who have posted progress pix.

Valedictory Dickie Encouragement

This is going to be fun. It’s a sweater without all those pesky sweater things like a torso or sleeves. It’s covered in hearts. It comes in exactly one size. It’s the happiest neckwarmer anywhere. Don’t miss out on this joymaking funfest!

Congratulations to the Setesdal Hat KAL Winners!

So many hats! Thanks to everyone who knit along. $50 MDK Gift Cards go to (from left to right) catherine-pa, Bocce, and Caseywagnet.

And for her hat mod of the Rosy Mittens, to grwhryrpltd (look, ma, no vowels!) go all 23 MDK Field Guide ebooks!

A Final Note to Field Guide Subscribers

Remember that your status as a Field Guide subscriber means you have a 10% subscriber coupon code to use on all your MDK purchases—including the Norwegian Wool you’ll need for your Kos Neckwarmer. Check your email for the email we sent on March 6 for your latest coupon code.


  • The hats are BEAUTIFUL!!! The grand prize winner is so clever!! CONGRATULATIONS ALL!!!!

  • Until I saw that this is Arnie/Carlos’ preferred name, I wondered why a cowl was a dickie but the Swarf could not be one. Ok. Got it now.

  • Congratulations to the winners, beautiful works!

  • Yeay! I started my Kos neckwarmer/dickie last night 🙂 I added a couple extra rows at the start to be sure it will be a shoulder warmer. And congrats to the hat-along winners – such beautiful work!

  • Hi Ann and Kay! This is not about dickies, but is about my joy over Atlas Peat yarn, the mushroom risotto recipe, and the book “Unraveling”. I am enjoying them all at once, and had to thank you! Long distance hugs from Lisa V.

  • Congratulations to the winners! I need to order more yarn for the dickie… I’ve been wanting to make one, thanks to Arne and Carlos talking them up.

  • Hooray to the Setesdal hat KAL winners catherine-pa, Bocce, and Caseywagnet! I am utterly gobsmacked to learn I won all 23 of the field guides for my Rosy hat ala Setesdal KAL mash up! The yarn was a dream to knit and duplicate stitch with… I might just have to cast on a dickie now and gift it to my snow-bound friends! What fun to sit and knit all around the world with y’all, thanks MDK, Arne & Carlos!

  • Congratulations to all! I hope to complete the Kos Neckwarmer using the beautiful Norwegian wool.

  • Interesting. I would call it a cowl. In other places a dickie is a small item; a false front with a turtle neck worn under clothing to mimic having a real turtle neck or mock turtle neck. I love them because they keep my neck warm without having to wear a whole extra layer. They are very hard to find now, I’m afraid.

  • The dickie is a pointless garment, as horrible as it’s name — finish your sweater! I can’t forgive Arne and Carlos.

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